5 Best Indoor Pool Activities for Kids During The Quarantine Period

5 Best Indoor Pool Activities for Kids During The Quarantine Period

The span of attention of kids is short but they are fond of learning everything they come across. Kids are programmed to learn and most of the time, this is done through playing games.

Playing games is the most enjoyable learning activity for the kids and it is where they can most effectively absorb the lessons.

Kids could hardly stay seated and listen to lessons, whether being delivered by a teacher or a parent. This response is highly expected because kids are not used to staying seated for a long period of time. That is the reason why most kids frequently stare at other kids’ activities outside the window because they are lured to get involved with playing games, especially with their close friends and classmates.

Since classes are suspended during this lockdown period due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, it is highly recommended to formulate game activities aligned to the age level of your kids. One of the strongly recommended venues is the indoor pool where kids can swim, play, and learn.

Various indoor pool activities are advised to be performed with the utmost caution for the safety of everyone. Relative to this, the following pool activities are recommended:

1Counting game – parents may prepare sponges or other floating materials where numbers are being printed. The kids may be instructed to pick the numbers being asked aloud and whoever gets the correct number will be given a corresponding prize or reward for motivation.

2. Physical education – kids love activities that make them move a lot. The parents may ask them to perform a jumping jack exercise while in the pool. This kind of activity is fun for the kids and best for their body fitness.

3. Dancing – this game is simple yet may produce an exciting feeling to the kids. Such activity may be taught, provided that the dance steppings are easy to follow, like lifting their legs and arms.

4. Coin collection – parents may throw coins to the shallow part of the pool and let kids look for them and whoever finds a coin, it will be given to them as a reward. This activity will help mold the quality of sportsmanship to the kids.

5. Spelling – this is another simple yet the most favorite game for kids where letters may be written to the floating devices and have the kids gather the letters and formula some words.

These activities are kid-friendly because they are just a regular play hour integrated with a learning activity within a screened indoor pool enclosure. Before you consider one of these activities however, make sure that your pool area is safe.

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