5 Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

5 Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

Since the invention of John W. Hamme’s first garbage disposal unit in 1927, the American people’s way of disposing of their household food waste, scraps or garbage has changed over time and garbage disposal has become an essential part of every American household.


Garbage disposal is an electronic device placed under a kitchen sink between the sink’s drain and the trap, where it shreds household food waste, scraps or garbage into small pieces that pass through the plumbing system.  


As known, food scraps make up from 10% to 20% of household waste, which poses a problematic factor of our daily waste that creates public health, sanitation and environmental problems in our society. Proper waste disposal is important due to the fact that certain types of wastes can be hazardous and dangerous to the society and environment if not handled properly.


While doing your household chores, your garbage disposal may be showing signs of ‘not-so-normal’ function as used to be. By way of preventing your garbage disposal in need of repairs, proper care and early detection of problems before it occurs can help save a lot of money and maintenance repairs which is necessary for every household. Check out below some common signs your garbage disposal might be showing and the necessary actions that need to be done: 


Sign No. 1: Odd and unexplainable noises

Garbage disposals are compactly designed with moving parts, any odd or new noises that you may hear or notice can be a sign of a problem. This sound may indicate something is wrong with its parts. You could try to check your drain by having a peek that may be blocking the unit, and if ever you may find something try to remove it carefully and test the disposal. If you still hear the abnormal sounds, it’s time to call in the technicians for a professional consultancy.


Sign No. 2: Redundant odorous smell 

After making several attempts to air out the odorous smell from your disposal like cleaning it with dish soap, ice cubes, and even baking soda and vinegar, the smell keeps coming back. Trapped food and waste are caught inside that needs to be removed by the professionals. For older disposals like 15 years or more, it may be time to buy a new one.     


Sign No. 3: Frequent clogging

Even though you may be able to dispose of your food items by cutting them in small pieces before putting them in your disposal but still is stuck up, so maybe it’s time to have it checked by the professionals. If you are planning to open your unit by yourself, check first if it is still under warranty, which will save you the hassle of wasting your time and effort. However, it is still advisable not to open and fix your disposable units because some products are designed to be fragile and compact and upon disassembling it will worsen the problem.   


Sign No. 4: Frequent pressing of the reset button 

Normally, after a clog at your disposal, you need to push the reset button, however, if you find yourself overdoing it that could mean the motor needs a repair or a replacement.   


Sign No. 5: No Power

If you tried to switch on your garbage disposal and won’t power up, there might be a technical problem. Basic electronic troubleshooting might help like checking the plug in the outlet if it is connected, pressing the reset button if it still functions by other means, or checking the circuit breaker in your home’s electrical panel, however, if all fails better call in the professionals to have a serious look.        


Proper care of garbage disposal is necessary in order to maintain proper disposal for your household wastes and garbage. Let Appliance Doctor Inc., help you with your garbage disposal problems and garbage disposal repair services, our garbage disposal repair technicians understand these repairs are not usually a pleasant task but will diagnose and treat these issues with the same expediency, courtesy and quality workmanship every time at our Service Areas: Garbage Disposal Repair Estero, Garbage Disposal Repair Bonita Springs, Garbage Disposal Repair Marco Island, Garbage Disposal Repair Fort Myers, Garbage Disposal Repair Cape Coral, Garbage Disposal Repair Naples, Garbage Disposal Repair East Naples, and Garbage Disposal Repair Golden Gate.


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