6 Common Misconceptions about Septic Systems in West Michigan

6 Common Misconceptions about Septic Systems in West Michigan
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You might be having some issues with your septic system or you may be thinking of constructing or replacing one in your property. However, you must be sure that you are on the right track. 


Here are six of the most common septic tank septic systems myths or misconceptions.


  1.     Septic systems will stay functional for a long, long time.

To assume that you can use your septic tank forever is a common misconception. Depending on the kind of material it is made, your septic system may be functional for as long as 40 years for concrete and 30 years for steel. You have a serious problem with your septic system if there is flooding in the septic field, poor quality of water, and sewage backups. When these happen, call a professional technician as soon as possible and have it examined and replaced by septic systems Muskegon.


  1.     Septic additives are enough to maintain the septic system.

A number of additives advertisements claim that you can depend on them for maintaining the cleanliness of your septic system. However, your septic tank contains solid and liquid materials and natural bacteria cannot decompose all these contents. Putting in additives, on the other hand, will not remove all the solid matter and may even kill or disturb the bacterial balance in the tank. Moreover, certain chemicals in the additives have a corrosive effect on your tank and can damage your septic system. You need to have your system pumped every two or three years by the septic systems Grand Haven in order to keep it in good condition. 


  1.     It is OK to build on top of your septic tank.

Building a patio, deck, or any structure on top of your septic tank will give your professional access to it when it needs to be pumped. In addition, the natural and necessary breakdown of wastewater will be disrupted because the structure will prevent oxygen from getting into the soil. Moreover, you will suffer from a septic backup which is a disaster that you would never want to experience in your life.


  1.     Anything can be put down the drain.

The only things that should go down your septic system are wastewater and sewage. Any other substance like disinfectants, cleaner, and solvents will decrease or eradicate the microbes that are necessary for the breakdown of sewage. Also, flashing coffee grounds will simply add to clogging of the system. Septic systems Whitehall can help you with additional explanation on this matter.


  1.     A standard septic system will not last longer than 20 years.

With proper maintenance such as pumping every two or three years, your septic system can last for as long as 40 years. You can be assured of a long-lasting system if you avoid putting a structure over it and keeping the ground free from obstructions. Septic systems Holland has trained professionals who could maintain the cleanliness of your system.


  1.     Clogged septic systems should be changed.

If you have clogged septic systems, you do not have to replace it right away. This problem can be solved by having your technicians do the maintenance as well as refraining from putting solids into the drain. 


You can avoid the mistakes of believing in the aforementioned misconceptions if you seek advice and help from the experts in septic systems Coopersville.  



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