6 Tips To Help Prevent Mold In Your Home in Naples, FL

6 Tips To Help Prevent Mold In Your Home in Naples, FL

Naples Florida is prone to many storms and the resultant flooding. Often, water can collect in the home and cause extensive mold damage. If left untreated, mold damage could destroy your building structurally and cosmetically and diminish its value. Therefore, mold damage requires immediate mold remediation in Naples to minimize its effects and save your home from further destruction. Failure to do so may cost you more money, time, and other resources.

Expert Cleaning and Restoration is a mold remediation company in Naples that offers mold remediation services in Naples.  We know that ould can ruin clothes, furniture and be terrible for your health.

Here are 6 tips to help prevent mold in your home in Naples, Florida.

  1. Wet materials need to be dried quickly.
    Mold will grow within 2 days given the right conditions. Leaving your wet towel or other item lying around inside or outside the house gives mold a chance. Ever left your laundry in the washer for too long? The nasty smell when you pull it out is mold.
  2. Cleaning, disinfecting and drying surfaces prevents mold growth.
    Surfaces like sinks or floors are also favorite places for mold; more so if they are wet most of the time. Luckily these are typically nonporous surfaces which makes them ideal for disinfectants and other cleaners. Some people consider the strongest and safest method of disinfecting to be a vapor steam cleaner. Once finished cleaning, make sure no moisture remains. Mold can grow faster than you think. Making sure your surfaces are dry prevents other hazards for the residents living there too.
  3. Reduce moisture levels in the bathroom by running an exhaust fan during and after showers.
    Your foggy mirror isn’t the worst problem you’ll have if you don’t use the fan during your shower. The moisture in the air is getting into every nook and cranny, the kind of places that are very hard to clean, even if you do notice the mold growing there. Exhaust fans help minimize the moisture level in the bathroom as well as the possibility of growing mold.
  4. Fix plumbing leaks and seepage to prevent the buildup of moisture and prevent the growth of mold.
    Leaks are caused by pipes that have disintegrated already. It is important to replace old pipes as soon as they show signs of being dilapidated. The moisture from a leaky pipe will travel much further than just the visible signs. No matter how much you try to keep the house clean, there are still areas that you are neglecting or can’t get to. Those are the places mold loves to grow.
  5. Store clothing, camping gear, and other occasional-use items dry and clean to prevent the growth of mold.
    Thoroughly dry your items before putting them into storage. Try to put them outside or in places where there is air circulating. The last thing you want to find out on a camping trip is that your tent was put away wet last time and is covered in mold.

If you’re not quite sure where to start when it comes to treating mold in your home, or you have discovered a bit of a moldy smell coming from an area in your house, or perhaps you’ve had your roof checked and there are some issues with leakage – You may need some professional help from the experts to ensure that the problems don’t escalate. Feel free to give us a call at  Expert Cleaning and Restoration today so that we can assist you with preventing mold in your home before the next lot of rain comes through.

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