Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

Are Actors and Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

Whenever we watch tv shows, sports shows, movies, and tv series, what comes up in our mind is that are these people we are watching or idolizing earn enough for what they do? Or are they paid too much or less?

actors paid too much?

Firstly, I think that actors and athletes are paid so much because they simply deserve it. Aside from the fact that their jobs are not as easy as we think they are, considering that there’s no such thing as an “easy” job because even company CEO’s earn millions, they still got tougher jobs than we think. Same way with athletes and actors, they deserve to be paid high because they put their bodies on the line to enthrall people, so I think the pay is square enough for them.

Athletes or actors are not robots. A professorial athlete/actor represents much more than just someone who runs up and down a dome. These athletes are models for poverty-stricken and upper-class people in our society. They give motivation for people that would otherwise not have it. These people are given the chance to take a step out of their shells and make a name for themselves. And it isn’t that easy, right?

Athletes and actors are not overpaid, it’s just enough for all their efforts and hard work. Professional sports and the entertainment industry are a consumer-driven market, and the teams these athletes play for or the studios the actors work for or the product actors and athletes endorse brings up millions and even billions of money more than they do.

Well, there’s always two sides of the coin, let’s think the other way around, how about professionals like the doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers and many more aren’t paid as high as the actors and athletes? Well, we just don’t know, some professions earn as high as actors and athletes in a quiet way, it just so happened that athletes and actors are more popular and famous that normal professions people usually do have.

Let’s put it this way, the top accountants in the world are millionaires many times over actors and athletes. The same goes for lawyers, dentists, architects, engineers, doctors, authors and any profession you can think of. They are just simply the best in what they do that’s why they earn much. Those who sit at the very top of their chosen career are very rich, so what makes it any different to athletes or actors who train more, sleep less, sweat more and eat less of the foods that they want to indulge themselves into? It’s fair enough, I guess.

Another reason we all should consider is that these people we call unworthy of the pay they get are not ordinary people who wake up at 6 am, eats breakfast and goes to work, comes home and eats dinner and sits on the sofa every day, these things I mentioned is already a luxury for the athletes and actors since they don’t get to own their everyday life. They wake up early, train themselves hard and play harder since they are being paid high by those company owners who buy their skills and talents. This billionaire people who buy clubs as playthings would save billions a year to spend on their yachts, while the average people (like us) would see no change in the ticket prices or cable subscriptions. At the end of the day, it’s the owner’s money, not ours, and if they want to give it to Lebron James or Peter Sagan, that’s their right.

Lastly, it could all end in a split second. Am I right? These athletes or actors can lose their fame, money, and talent in a snap. Yes! It’s true. It could all start early and end early as well. If they get injured, nobody would ever let them play again, if they get to play a wrong script in a single play, it could ruin up their career for the rest of their lives, and they don’t get to play the game anymore, because no “oligarch” would ever spend their money on someone who couldn’t bring up millions to them. Not unless if they become coaches or directors, but still fame is so much different from being the star and be the person behind. Not like the teachers, doctors, engineers and all other professions we know, its much less famous, much lesser pay, yet it’s a lifetime guarantee that these professions aren’t easy to take away and can’t be stolen in a glimpse. At the end of all the argument, well, it’s fair enough for everyone, it just differs in how hard you work and how much you could sacrifice to earn much as we want.

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