Ask the Expert: Design Tips for Landscape in Fort Myers, FL

Ask the Expert: Design Tips for Landscape in Fort Myers, FL

Landscaping for newbies can be overwhelming whether these be for new plantings or a complete revamp. Landscaping is concerned with the process of designing, implementing, and maintaining the land that surrounds a property. 

Here are design tips for landscape:

1. Create a list of needs and wants for landscape

Determining what is needed and is just a whim is significant. These include if children need a space to play, a play to grow vegetables, or a family will gather on a patio. Rough sketches can be made to show the thoughts regarding the vision for a landscape

2. Get scientific

Who says planning for landscaping is just creative? Learning how to be scientific when it comes to designing the landscape is a big plus. This includes studying the sun and wind patterns. A lot has to be considered like placing a patio on the west side of the house would not be favorable as this will expose one to lots of afternoon sun. There are many landscape design mistakes that can be avoided if planning is done with the things the sun and wind can do at different times of the day and year. 

3. Think and rethink

Jumping to conclusions is a humongous error that has to be done away with. Thinking long term is a must. It is recommended to spend time outdoors in order to have a feel of what one wants and is no favorable when it comes to a Fort Myers Landscape Design.

4. Avoid getting overwhelmed.

Beginners often get the cold feet when they see experts finish their Cape Coral Landscape Design in three to five days. However, these professional experts have sixty staff members, unlike most beginner landscapers. Creating a landscape is a process of taking small steps at a time while enjoying the whole journey. After creating a master plan, begin with a small flower bed. Working on it on a daily basis for an hour or two will work wonders. Taking shortcuts is not the easy way out when it comes to landscape design. 

5. Assess the central design

Landscape designers often choose a central design. Beginners can choose among a tree, a series of shrubs, a plant, or a sculpture. The central design will be a determining factor when it comes to landscaping. 

6. Consider scale and pacing

The elements of the landscape include scale and pacing. Considering this will result in professional-looking landscape design. Size, shape, and color may vary. However, it is crucial that there must be a balance between repetition and new elements. Repetition provides cohesion. It is to be emphasized that design does not need to be monotonous; a new design element can be added for variations.

Landscape design is a big job to be done. However, beginners must not feel overwhelmed as long as they partner with ProGreen Landscaping and Pavers..

ProGreen Landscaping and Pavers would love to meet you and discuss making your dream landscape in Florida a reality. Arrange a quote today, and one of our friendly landscapers will be in touch shortly to discuss your landscaping needs and see if we are a good fit for one another. Give us a call at 239-747-7460 for  Paving Service and  239-747-7591 for  Landscaping Services.

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