Avoiding Bad Outdoor Lighting Designs [The Secret to Achieving Timeless Style]

Avoiding Bad Outdoor Lighting Designs [The Secret to Achieving Timeless Style]

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Outdoor lighting design enhances the beauty and safety of your home or business. Take your outdoor space to the next level with an added touch of class. Allow the experienced designers at Lanai Lights to guide you through your timeless lighting discovery. Let the journey begin!
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Avoiding Bad Outdoor Lighting Designs | Lanai Lights

1. Avoid Conspicuous Fixtures
Choose proper fixtures for your landscape. When selecting fixtures, consider their ability to outlast current fads and blend into the overall aesthetic.
2. Light With Purpose
Install lighting with purpose. When designing, determine a sense of motive or a goal for the lighting. Choose appropriate fixtures with applicable functions.
3. Use Proper Lighting Accessories
With several lighting accessories on the market, it is crucial to verify an accessories’ intended purpose before installation.
4. Deter from Excessive Lighting
Outdoor lighting sets a property apart – but don’t go overboard! “Everything in moderation” certainly holds true when lighting an outdoor space.
5. Use of Fixtures Appropriately
Avoid the incorrect use of lighting fixtures. Consult the professionals at Lanai Lights.
  • Directional up-lights should never be used as path lights
  • Path lights are intended for pathways, not rail lights
  • Under cap-lights illuminate accent walls and pillars, not up-lights
6. Include All Functional Lighting
Practicality and useful lighting is a must. Capitalize on the investment made in your lighting through complete utilization.
7. Integrate Overall Aesthetics
Focus your attention on an overall goal, so lighting elements work together into a cohesive, timeless design.

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