Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect: What’s the Difference?

Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect: What’s the Difference?

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting have now become a necessary routine and service in the “new normal” especially that a very contagious disease, COVID-19, has subtly and unexpectedly intruded the whole world. How would the cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia, help us when we do not know where to start? First, let us define these three words: clean, sanitize and disinfect. After which, we will identify the importance of properly applying this in our homes and businesses.


To clean means to remove dirt, chemical residues, allergens, and soil from utensils, equipment, and work surfaces, which is part of our daily routines. On the other hand, to sanitize is to reduce the presence of microorganisms to a safe level for humans or to return a surface to a safe level with the use of household products. Meanwhile, to disinfect means to remove bacteria and viruses to protect you better, and this is done on a professional level. Sanitizing is usually done in residential and commercial kitchens, while disinfecting or sterilizing, which used to be performed only in hospital operating rooms before, has now become a practice to keep us from getting the coronavirus.

Use soap, detergent or a cleaning product and water for cleaning, and use a commercial sanitizing product like chlorine bleach mixed with water to sanitize or disinfect. Therefore, cleaning is the first step and sanitizing is the second step. For instance, everything that comes in contact with food must first be cleaned and then sanitized regularly. On top of the regular cleaning and sanitizing, disinfecting must be performed by experts who are trained and know the effective products that give you maximum protection.


There are at least three importance of cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. These are to: prevent pest infestation; help your business comply with food safety regulations and laws; and to protect your family, customers and employees from health threats like allergic reactions and food poisoning. It is best to consult a commercial cleaning company in Atlanta, Georgia.

1. Maintaining a clean environment will keep common pests that are carriers of deadly diseases from intruding and staying in your home or building. Rats, cockroaches, flies, ants, and mold are easily attracted to moist and warm places. If you are not careful, they may just be hiding below your sink, behind picture frames, within tiny spaces and corner or cracks, and under your carpets.

2. Food safety laws and regulations strictly require food business establishments, grocery stores, and pharmacies to comply with sanitary standards. This is to protect the clients from any contamination brought about by dirt, pests, or microorganisms on the food and medicines they buy from you. This also helps you assure your consumers that you are providing them high-quality products and services.

3. Health risks such as allergic reactions and food poisoning are avoided if you keep the cleanliness of your establishment. You are protecting your consumers, employees, and yourself if you regularly clean and sanitize your shelves, utensils, equipment, and workplaces. Your employees should also regularly wash their hands and wear masks and caps to protect the food they are handling. Food poisoning is a serious matter because it can lead to serious illness or death.

If you think that any of the above suggestions is beyond your capacity to maintain, you can always get the services of commercial cleaning services in Atlanta, Georgia, that would advise you and help you all the way.

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