Common Hazards With Electrical Cords in the Workplace

Common Hazards With Electrical Cords in the Workplace

In the modern workplace setting, electricity is a staple need. Electronic devices, computers, copiers, and appliances need electricity in order to operate. As a result, there are tangles of electrical cords lying around, which pose hazards and threaten individual safety. At worst, electrical cords could cause commercial fires whose repairs may to need the expertise of a professional fire damage restoration technician, and cause losses in revenue and disruption of business operations.

The key to keeping your office safe is to keep all electrical cords well-maintained and placed in the correct areas. In this article, ServiceMaster Remediation Services discusses some tips to help limit the hazards caused by electrical cords in the workplace.



Wire Tripping
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  • One of the most common hazards created by electrical cords is tripping, which cannot only cause serious bodily injuries but also mar the image of your company.
  • Even if bodily harm was not acquired during a tripping accident, falls can damage important office equipment, such as computers, which can also fall in the process and break.
  • In order to prevent tripping, electrical cords must be kept out of the path of foot traffic, which could be accommodated by rearranging the workspace. Cords can also be taped down and must be marked visibly in case they have to be extended across aisles, hallways, or doorways.


Mult Plugs
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  • Electrical currents carried by power cords can be dangerous, which is why care must be taken when placing them in an office.
  • Improperly placed and under-maintained cords can injure an individual by sending an electric shock when they are handled.
  • Electrical cords also undergo wear and tear, so a replacement must immediately be provided when they look damaged or worn out.
  • Water is a good conductor, so keep cords away from water sources, including open windows and potted plants.
  • Cords are certified for safety by Underwriter Laboratory. A cord marked “UL” means it has been tested and has met U.S. safety standards. Only use cords with this mark.


Sparks on Plugs
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  • Frayed and improperly placed electrical cords also put your workplace at risk of a fire. In addition, the smoke and heat from a fire can damage your office equipment and emit toxic chemicals from burnt plastic or metal components.
  • Among the steps you can take to reduce the risk of a fire are:
    • Not overloading an extension cord or power strip by connecting it to another extension cord or power strip;
    • Not overloading an extension cord by plugging too many appliances into it at once (octopus connection), especially when a powerful appliance is already plugged in;
    • Rearranging the workspace to access outlets easily and, therefore, reducing the amount of extension cords needed;
    • Not running cords under a rug; and
    • Creating a comprehensive office fire safety checklist for your workplace to prepare employees in case of a fire.

In case these precautions are met but a fire incident still occurs, restoration and repairs must be handled by a licensed and certified commercial fire damage restoration company, such as ServiceMaster Remediation Services.

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Follow the tips above to prevent hazards from electrical cords in the workplace. If the unexpected happens, call our office for commercial fire restoration expertsServiceMaster Remediation Services understands how important it is to keep your business running without any delays. We make sure the entire process is understood from start to end as we communicate every step knowing we are all working together.

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