Common Misconceptions About the Divorce Process in Fort Myers, Florida

Common Misconceptions About the Divorce Process in Fort Myers, Florida

Nobody can hold a perfect marriage, right? As a result, people get Divorced.

Why? It is because they could hardly harmonize their differences. In short, nobody wants to adjust for the benefit of the other.

With these differences in the sentiments and beliefs, the couple breaks up and opts to sever their marriages through a dissolution process called Divorce. Logic and emotions of the couples intertwined that adversely travel their faculties to breakdown their marriage tie through the process of Divorce.

What is Divorce?

It is the dissolution of marriage. This pertains to the cutting of the marriage bond where the couples will no longer be tied with their marital obligations.

Divorce is popular but there are still common misconceptions about it. These misconceptions are commonly known as myths and to mention a few, here are the most popular Divorce myths:

How long does it take for a simplified divorce in Florida?

In Florida, a “Simplified Dissolution Procedure” is a legal process being undertaken outside the bounds of the judicial court without any complications where children, alimony, and real property settlement are not involved.

This divorce procedure is fast and could only be completed within a few months, provided the residency requirements of six (6) months have complied. The completion of this meeting of minds will be completed when the couples execute their respective terms and conditions to effect a divorce at the clerk’s office.

Do both parties have to appear in court for a divorce in Florida?

When the petition for Divorce is contested both parties are required to be present in court.

Do I have to go to court for an uncontested divorce in Florida?

However, if the petition is uncontested, the respective Divorce Attorney in Fort Myers will draw up a Marital Settlement Agreement and have it signed by the parties. Thereafter, both parties are required to attend a short proceeding in court. But it is not necessarily required that parties to the case should attend the proceeding.

Qualities of A Good Divorce Lawyer? What Are Some Red Flags?

A good Divorce Attorney is someone who is assertive yet armed with the following qualities:

  • With a good communication skill – being a lawyer, one should have the capability not only converse well but with the ability to persuade and negotiate;

  • Honed years of experience and skills – a lawyer with years of experience, may develop both knowledge and skills to help him survive a Divorce Case with excellence;
  • Can work under pressure – a Florida Divorce Attorney should have the ability to stay calm as not to affect his mental capability even during pressure sets in;
  • Resourceful – a lawyer should know everything and may get hold of any information to support your claim.

However, some of the Red Flags are the following:

What is the easiest way to get a divorce in Florida?

The easiest way to get a divorce is to file a petition for a Collaborative or Simplified Divorce during the presence of their respective Fort Myers Divorce Attorney because the success of your petition will only be dependent on your amicable settlement.

What happens if the spouse does not respond to divorce papers in Florida?

The court may enter its judgment based only on the documentary evidence of the petitioner. The technicality of due process will not be transgressed if due notice has been tendered to the non-responding party.

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