Complete Guide For Business / Commercial Property Hurricane Preparedness

Complete Guide For Business / Commercial Property Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricanes and tropical storms never come unannounced. There is usually adequate time to prepare for mitigation, impact, and response. To avoid losses during hurricane season, it’s imperative for businesses to diligently take part in hurricane disaster preparation guide for businesses or commercial properties in Macon, GA. These include: 

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The following recommendations can help you prepare your business in the event of a hurricane or severe storm.

1. Planning

  • Make an Emergency Response Plan
    • Include how to protect employees and customers,
    • Manage business operations 
    • Communicate during and after the disaster
    • Plan how to exit the office building
    • Practice the plan
  • Make a Communications Plan
    • Keep an updated list of all your employees’ contact numbers and email addresses. 
  • Create a Business Continuity Plan
    • This will help your business operate and recover faster after a disaster. 

2. Preparedness

  • Check drains, gutters, and downspouts on the roof of the building to ensure they  are clear and able to drain off the heavy rain
  • Strap, anchor, or remove antennas or loose objects from the roof.
  • Protect all vent hoods, exhaust louvers from wind and rain.
  • Secure all loose objects, such as trash cans and potted plants,
  • Remove outdoor signs, especially those that swing or are portable.
  • Secure storage of flammable liquid drums, or move them to a sheltered area
  • Anchor all portable buildings and equipment to the ground.
  • Cover all glass windows and doors on at least the first floor of the building with    shutters, paneling or other
  • Secure first-floor doorways against floodwaters with sandbags or heavy plastic sheeting and duct tape.
  • Service and test the building’s emergency power generator under load to make sure it is operating.
  • Fill the fuel tanks of generators, fire pumps, and all company-owned vehicles.

Building Interior

  • Clear all desk and tabletops of small loose objects.
  • Takedown all loosely secured pictures, plaques, etc.
  • Remove contents of lower file cabinet drawers on the ground floor of the building and secure contents elsewhere.
  • Move important documents away from windows.
  • Protect/relocate vital records including your insurance policies.
  • Relocate files, boxes, computers, office machines, and other equipment to the innermost portion of the building
  • Do not leave boxes or equipment on the floor; elevate them by placing items on the desk or tabletops.
  • Disconnect all electrical appliances and equipment such as typewriters, copiers, coffee makers, electric clocks, calculators.
  • Unplug and wrap all electronics, including computers, in large plastic bags to protect against water damage.
  • Backup all data on servers and personal computers.
  • Check the integrity of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Move the UPS to the highest level possible above the floor.
  • Cover merchandise, office machines, specialized equipment, file cabinets, copy machines, computer terminals with tarpaulins or plastic sheeting.
  • Prepare a portable hurricane kit that you can take with you once you’ve secured your business.
  • Turn off incoming gas and water.
  • Before leaving the property, re-check the securing of the outdoor objects.
  • Lock all doors when you leave.

3. Action


  • Stay up-to-date on the storm’s progress via radio, TV.
  • Allow your employees adequate time to secure their homes and make personal preparations.
  • Review your plan, making sure your Disaster Kit is fully stocked and fresh batteries and supplies are included.
  • Alert a third party about your company’s relocation plan in the even the storm makes your location inaccessible.
  • Ensure that any employees who volunteer to stay on-site have proper supplies and equipment (drinkable water, nonperishable food, medical kit, flashlights, walkie-talkies).
  • If an official evacuation order is in place, however, no employees should remain behind.
  • Have cash on hand for post-windstorm needs, such as buying food and supplies, or paying employees and contractors.
  • Ensure remote access to your company’s website so updates about your availability can be made.

During the Hurricane

  • Constantly monitor any equipment that must remain online.
  • When it is safe to do so, patrol the property and check for roof leaks, pipe breakage, fire, or structural damage.
  • During the height of the storm, personnel should remain in a place that has been identified as safe from wind and flood.
  • During a power failure, turn off electrical switches to prevent re-activation before necessary checks are completed.

4. Recovery

After the  Hurricane 

  • Secure the site and survey for damage and for safety hazards, such as live wires, leaking gas or flammable liquids
  • Before restoring service, check all utilities. If you have any questions about the condition of your utilities, call the appropriate company.
  • Do not turn on computer equipment if there are indications of low voltage power fluctuations, low air conditioning output, water under raised floor, broken windows, or damaged equipment.
  • Take pictures of your facility inside and out to aid in insurance or tax credit claims.
  • If you own equipment that could be useful after the storm, notify local emergency management officials.
  • Call a professional storm damage restoration company like ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia for emergency damage restoration services in Macon, GA to safely and quickly restore your facility to pre-loss condition. For water removal services and mold cleaning services

Let The Experts At ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia Help You

ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia will assists you in the restoration of your facility or commercial property.   Although disasters can’t be avoided, their impact can be mitigated by planning ahead. Contact us or reach out to the experts today at (478) 313-4353.

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