Fire Damage Prevention Tips for Thanksgiving

Fire Damage Prevention Tips for Thanksgiving

Fire damage is one of the most dreadful disasters, which is worse than even  a flash flood. Fire will raze your residential house down in no time.

Primarily, fire is originally being utilized as a source of light and heat. Light to provide illumination and heat to help us cook our food. In this case, fire is called friendly fire.

On the other hand, fire is considered violent when it already starts to burn and damage properties or even torch something not supposed to be burned that, to effect, results to loss of human lives.

During Thanksgiving, the danger of starting a fire at home is most likely to be expected due to the fact that everyone is busy preparing food. To address this issue, the following tips are significant:

  • When cooking at the kitchen, you need to stay put to ensure that the fire will just stay friendly but if you opt to leave the kitchen even for a minute, turn off the stove.

  • A cooking timer is very useful, too, because you will be able to set time for about a shorter period to properly manage your undertakings and prevent a possible violent fire occurrence.

  • It is important to keep children away from the kitchen to make sure that they will not in any way play with the matches and the stove’s fire.

  • It is vital to put on your smoke alarm in order to provide ample time for evacuation and ask for help. Install smoke alarms if you don’t have any and have a fire extinguisher on the ready. Alarms on every level of your home will be helpful, especially next to sleeping areas.

  • Never leave children with lighters, matches, and candles alone inside a room or that with a lit candle already.

  • Do not throw water on a grease fire because you will just distribute the fire all over the kitchen.

  • Review your home fire escape plan together with your family to let every member know where to exit during the raze of a fire; you may even conduct a fire drill to familiarize the conduct of escape.

  • Teach children what to do when a fire occurs, especially the “stop drop and roll” activity.

  • In the event of a fire, call for help using the emergency hotline.

To provide insights into the pertinent facts, the following events were observed:

  1. Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking.

  2. The U.S. Fire departments responded to an estimated 1,570 cases of home cooking fires on Thanksgiving in 2016 alone.

  3. The leading cause of the fire was unattended cooking that results in deaths.

  4. In most fire cases, the fire started at the kitchen particularly from the various cooking equipment, which makes it the leading cause of home fire deaths.

As the homeowner, you are always hoping that your property is safe from the fire, because otherwise everything will break down into ashes.

The devastating effect of a fire is inevitable but controllable. In this essence, the community should conduct proper and timely information and education campaigns on how to prevent fire damage during Thanksgiving.

Even with the full implementation of a fire prevention drive, a fire will damage more properties if not handled with care and paramount diligence.

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