Four Events That Need Professional Clean Up Services

Four Events That Need Professional Clean Up Services

Life is loaded with exciting bends in the road. Some major life events are expected, while others happen instantaneously and unexpectedly. Some of these life events could have a significant impact on your home, and that impact could mean you need professional home cleaning. While many people enlist the help of a professional restoration company after a flood, storm, or fire, the truth is that you could use professional help after plenty of other events as well. Here are some of them.


You might have waited for this moment all your life. Searching endlessly until you found the right one. What an exciting feeling! But wait… are you aware of what that home has been through? While inspections and history reports can tell you about foundation work or a collapsed roof, they don’t really tell you about other things such as how many times the seller’s dog soiled the carpet in the den or all the times their child accidentally threw up in the living room. That home could have a ton of germs and bacteria that you are not aware of.


Moving is a great time to call for professional home cleaning, particularly before you start moving in. Have the professional carpet cleaner work on the carpet and disinfect it, the bathroom areas thoroughly scrubbed, and other high-traffic areas wiped down until you can be confident that your new home is thoroughly clean and bacteria-free. That way you’ll move into a home that looks its best, is safe, and what you can really be sure that’s free from those unwanted germs.

Construction, Renovations, or Remodeling

Some time has passed in your home, and you really want a new environment. So you thought of updating that old, outdated kitchen to make it more of a modern masterpiece. Weeks later and your contractors have finished installing your countertops and plumbing fixtures, and you’ve just about gotten clear to start moving your appliances back in. But then you realize that your contractors have left behind a lot of dust and debris from that renovation. There are crumbled drywall on your new floor, dust all over your countertops, and even sawdust in a room and all over the house. Just imagine the chaos.

While you might think a vacuum and mop can take care of this, you really should have professional cleaning experts come in and conduct a construction cleanup service. Construction often involves the use of chemicals and substances that are hard to remove, that you certainly don’t want in an area like your bathroom or shower, so it’s best to have the professionals scrub the area down for good and make sure all traces of these things are removed.

Serious Illness

We are all aware how COVID-19 changed the world and it likely will never be the same. People everywhere have been infected, and many of the less-severe cases have been treated at home to avoid overcrowding hospitals. However, that might mean that most homes have to deal with the possibility that the virus might still linger on the surfaces of furniture or in flooring. Once everyone in your home has recovered from the disease and are symptom-free, it’s time to call home disinfecting experts in Greenville. This will help ensure the virus is removed for good and that your home will be safe and properly sanitized and disinfected.

Sewage Leaks or Spills

A sewage leak can happen for any number of reasons: a leaking pipe, an overflowing septic tank, or even a total sewer line failure resulting in sewage seeping up through your foundation from below. All of these issues have one thing in common: they can be extremely dangerous to anyone inside. Raw sewage contains millions of bacteria and diseases, and even a small amount of contact with the inside of your home could be dangerous. On top of that, most homeowners don’t have the tools to properly and adequately clean up after one of these spills happens.

These events are unavoidable. That’s why you have to know who to call when you experience these.

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