Good Skincare Starts From Within

Good Skincare Starts From Within

Everyone wants beautiful skin; we often can’t help but to gawk at those with seemingly perfect skin and wonder just what is their secret. 

Is it in their genes?  Some magic pill or cream?  In reality most that have beautiful skin actually have a good skincare routine that they follow every single day.  You might compare it to those who have a good physique – chances are they watch their diet and exercise regularly. Even if they weren’t born with a great body they’ve managed to achieve it through hard work over time.  The same can be said of a good skincare routine; you may not have been born with perfect skin but if you’re careful of how you take care of it then you’re sure to have the best skin you possibly can have.

But a good skincare routine means more than just washing your face and adding moisturizer; these steps of course are very important, but actually the most important steps you can take for good skin start from within.  Your skin’s health is reflected in what you eat and drink and in how you take care of yourself.

There’s no skincare routine in the world that can make up for a poor diet, and none that can compare to how skin looks when a person eats right and exercises.  The skin needs vitamins and amino acids in order to maintain its health and appearance, and while you can certainly use products that have vitamins in them, it’s always best for skin to get these things from the undermost layers, meaning from within rather than from on top.  Using skincare products that have nourishing element is good but nourishing your body with these important things is even better

Moisture that comes from natural hydration in the body is also much better than moisture from a skincare product we put on our face.  Natural hydration from water is much easier for the skin to absorb and to use properly; moisturizers also have a tendency to evaporate or get rubbed away before they can really penetrate the skin.  This isn’t to say that they’re completely useless or a waste of money as a good moisturizer should always be part of a good skincare routine.  They do add some moisture to the skin and form a protective barrier against dirt, pollutants, and other irritants as well.

But good skincare is like having a flower garden.  You can add water and plant food to your little flowers and these things do help tremendously, but it’s really the root of the flower that will determine if it’s going to be healthy or not.  Solid roots in good soil will mean good flowers, whereas there’s not much you can do to make up for weak roots in poor soil. 

So with skincare, it’s always better to take care of your skin from within.  This means eating right, exercising, and drinking plenty of water; do these things and you’re sure to have the best skin you possibly can have.

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