Hammerhead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems in Grand Haven

Hammerhead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems in Grand Haven

A failing lateral sewer line is often associated with a residence, but commercial properties have to contend with aging infrastructure as well. The effect at commercial properties can not only cause great inconvenience, it can also cost a great deal in terms of lost time, business, wages, etc if the business has to shut down in order to make repairs.

The sewer line that runs from your house to the main sewer line is your responsibility so if it gets clogged, blocked, or gets a hole in it, as the homeowner in Grand Haven you’re required to find someone who can fix it.

When sewer lines are laid, big trenches are made in the yard to place them in and the traditional way of fixing the lines is to dig up the lawn, garden beds, and anything else that might be over the top of them to access the entire pipe.

Grand Haven Hammerhead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems

At West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service,  our trenchless sewer line repair, there are only two small holes dugout at each end of the pipe for access. This means there is less damage to the property, it’s quicker because large trenches don’t need to be dug.

During the  trenchless sewer pipe installation, our highly trained technicians use the Hammerhead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems in Grand Haven to hydraulically force the pipe through the existing pipe. The front end of the new pipe breaks away the old pipe in its tracks leaving the clay, concrete, iron, or plastic from the old pipe in the ground.

Static Pipe Bursting Systems Pipe Bursting Equipment

What is Pipe Bursting? 

Pipe bursting is used to replace brittle pipes such as clay, asbestos cement, concrete, and cast iron by pulling through the host pipe a static or dynamic bursting head to fragment the existing pipe and an expander cone, sometimes incorporated in the bursting head, to push the fragments outwards into the surrounding ground. Simultaneously, a new pipe attached to the back of the bursting head is installed in the same alignment as the original pipe.

Capability: Static Pipe Bursting System

  • Burst and replace ductile iron and steel mains, along with all fracturable pipe materials with static pipe bursting equipment.

Overview: Static Bursting 

  • Pulled by a hydraulic pipe bursting unit, the cutter head’s unique bladed cutting wheel design is an essential part. The bladed wheels actually split the host pipe instead of ripping or tearing it like single fin-type static pipe bursting systems. The bladed wheel system is a very “clean” process that requires less power than other static pipe bursting systems and helps prevent potential damage to the product pipe. An attached expander spreads and displaces the split pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe.

Benefits of Hammerhead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems

  • Burst and replace pipe substantial lengths of existing pipe in one step
  • increase safety and reduce cutting headwear
  • Minimal disruption to traffic, buildings, and other utilities
  • Avoids sizable surface damage and costly restoration required for old trenching methods
  • Accelerated project completion timeline
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Minimal crew size

HammerHead Trenchless Portaburst Lateral Bursting Systems at West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drains offer sewer and a full line of lateral pipe bursting solutions to satisfy the rising demand for sewer service line replacement. Homeowners in Grand Haven are turning to pipe bursting for lateral replacement because it spares your customer the unpleasant side effects of open-cut. Adding pipe bursting to your service offerings is a great way to grow your business.

Whether you are in need of assistance on your sewer and drainage system, or you want a new sewer and drainage installation, the work needs to be completed by an experienced and licensed professional plumber. At West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service, we’ve been serving the West Michigan Area with unrivaled plumbing services for more than 33 years, and we consider our plumbers one of the best in the business at our Sewer and Drains Grand Haven.

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