How Can LED Lighting Enhance Your Patios, Pool Cage and Dock

How Can LED Lighting Enhance Your Patios, Pool Cage and Dock

Outside of your home or business:  patio, pool, and residential docks are just some of the places where families and friends gather the most. Various activities can be done from lounging at the patio to having water games at the pool to taking romantic walks on the dock. And these activities do not have to be limited to daytime. Come night time, and the same fun can be had but with it an appreciation for a different but equally beautiful facet of these outdoor features and fixtures. This can be done primarily by playing with the way light illuminates certain components of these outdoor features.

One way to enhance your patios, pool cages and dock at nighttime settings is by using LED lighting. The possibilities are endless when it comes to how you can play with the angles of the illuminating lights, producing as many different effects and stirring as many different moods. And of course, the safety that LED lighting provides at nighttime should not be downplayed.

Here are some of the techniques to achieve desired effects for your patios, pool cage and dock during the night using LED lights:


This is done by positioning the light at the base of a structure or a tree and have it point upwards.


The lights are angled from the sides to produce shadows of the structure in focus.


Grazing is similar to uplighting but done on flat surfaces such as walls or the sides of a building.

Cross lighting

Two lights from different sides focus on one structure producing interesting patterns on the shadow made.


Moonlighting builds on the way the moonlight washes over a structure or space. This is done by cross lighting from above.


This is done by focusing the lights from the sides to the surface of a flat structure, engulfing or “washing” over it.


Silhouetting is somewhat related to shadowing except that the light is positioned behind the structure highlighting its outline or silhouette.

Underwater lighting

Using submersible lights and of varying colors even could be an interesting way to make night swimming safe and fun.

Path lighting

Putting lights to highlight paved paths is primarily for safety but could also be used to set the mood.

String lighting

Using lights strung together makes it easier to make patterns as desired.

Investing in LED lights to enhance the outside of your house is an excellent way to add to the joy it brings you. But it is also practical as it adds to the value of your property as well. It is, therefore, not unwise to devote some of your resources to avail the services of experts in installing improvements like LED lights for your patios, pool cage rail lighting, and dock lighting. If you are living in the Florida area, Lanai Lights is an excellent choice. Lanai Lights not only installs but also manufactures its light fixtures, including pool cage rail lighting Florida area, and dock lighting Florida area. They also customize to fit your unique pool cage rail Fl and dock lighting Fl needs.

The LED lighting can enhance your patios, pool cage rails, and docks on so many levels by playing with the infinite ways that these light fixtures can be angled and positioned.

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