How Helpful are Hurricane Shutters for Hurricane Preparation in Estero

How Helpful are Hurricane Shutters for Hurricane Preparation in Estero

Florida is a coastal region with almost a whole year of sunny weather. But areas near the coastline are sure to experience storms and hurricanes at some point during what they call the hurricane season. Estero which is a city along the coast, is sure to experience storms and hurricanes.


Homeowners living near the coast know that they have to secure their homes from high winds and rains brought about by these seasonal storms. It is crucial to prepare for the possibility of a storm by installing home improvements such as hurricane shutters to protect your house and other structures from damage.


Hurricane shutters prevent windows from getting broken by flying objects during a storm. When a window in your home is compromised, strong wind entering through it can cause a pressure differential between the inside and the outside, causing the roof to blow off. Hurricane shutters can prevent this from happening by protecting windows from breaking during a windstorm or a hurricane. 


Hurricanes shutters can also protect your home from flying debris brought about by hurricanes and strong winds. Hurricane shutters in the Estero area are made from sturdy building materials like aluminum or steel, which can withstand high impact and protect your glass windows from breaking and further damage the interior of your home.


You can choose from a variety of home shutter designs and materials which fit your needs and your style, such as:


Hurricane Panels

The hurricane panel type is produced in a fluted style so that the pieces can overlap over one another, providing an even more powerful resistance to hurricane-force winds. This type is the most popular among the hurricane shutters Estero sells.


Accordion Shutter

The accordion design opens and shuts just as an accordion would. They are fitted as an integral part of one’s home and fold like an accordion on either side of the windows for storage. Many homeowners prefer the accordion-type as it proves the optimum level of security from a hurricane’s strong and gusty winds. Also, several homeowners want to have the accordion-style setup as they can be quickly deployed and retracted as needed.



Roll-down Shutters

Roll-down shutters are probably the best type among hurricane shutter systems, although it is also the most expensive. Shutters can be put into place with a push of a button as they are installed at the top of the windows with a long metal receptacle that houses the shutters. Once a centralized button is pressed, the roll-down shutters will drop from the top and cover the windows.


Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Bahama hurricane shutters in Estero retails are not as rugged and robust as other shutters that is why they are least liked by property owners. They come in various designs and can be perfect fixtures and add aesthetics to your home.


Hurricane shutters Estero -made can be quite costly, depending on the style and type of material you choose. Considering that its primary function is to keep your home safe and secure, hurricane shutters also add attraction to your home exterior.


If you want your home protected from high-intensity winds caused by hurricanes, you can also check out Guardian Hurricane’s Hurricane Shutters Serving Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island and Naples or contact Guardian Hurricane Protection at: 239-438-4732 / 239-244-2015 for faster response or visit for more details and services.

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