How Lighting Helps Safety Around the Pool Deck in Houston, Texas

How Lighting Helps Safety Around the Pool Deck in Houston, Texas

Having a pool in your home gives you a chance to escape the Texas heat all summer long.  Nights are hot in Texas, being able to use your pool safely when it’s dark has a huge benefit. 


Many years ago, when pool deck lighting in Houston was not popular, there were concerns raised about pool safety. Children drowning as the main concern, legislators passed the safe pool law that adds an extra safety requirement for homeowners and building owners. 


Why are Pool Deck Lights Important?


The risk of drowning is not just for children but for adults as well. Especially when this happens at night, it can be difficult to notice if someone is seeking help if you don’t have pool deck lights installed. 


  • With the perfect pool deck lighting, you and your family can continue enjoying your pool at night without any worries. 


  • This type of lighting also makes it possible to have nighttime pool parties with friends while ensuring that everyone can swim safely. 
  • Pool deck lights also keep the area around your pool more secure and reduce the risk of falls. 


  • Aside from accidents, you’ll notice if uninvited persons are using the pool. You never know when an intruder shows up to cool off using your pool in the middle of the night! 


How to Choose the Best Houston Pool Lighting


Two relatively newer lighting options have been proven popular for pools:


  • Halogen lights

When halogen bulbs became popular, they eventually replaced incandescent light bulbs as standard pool lighting. Compared to incandescent lights, halogens were more energy-efficient, durable, and environment-friendly.


The downside, however, is that they are costly, costing twice as much as fluorescent bulbs. And although they are more durable than incandescent lights, they still require regular replacement, with an average lifespan of 2,000 to 4,000 hours. These factors, then, have made them a less desirable swimming pool lighting option.


  • LED lights

Light-emitting diode or LED lighting has impacted the world of lighting, way beyond swimming pool lighting, of course. LED light bulbs are budget-friendly, have the longest life spans (can be more than twice that of compact fluorescent lights or CFLs), and are highly energy-efficient. Not just with swimming pool lighting, but they are widely used in any part of the house. 


LEDs can be fitted with energy-saving features such as dimmers and sensors. This makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Since they have long lifespans (an average of 50,000 hours), they also require less maintenance and fewer replacements. This is precisely why LED pool lights have become more popular than ever and have become the best pool lights for new swimming pools in Houston and anywhere in Texas.


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