How Lighting Helps Safety Around the Pool Deck

How Lighting Helps Safety Around the Pool Deck

Areas around your pool area can be converted to an extended living space, which can be utilized both during the day and night. In summer, it would be a pleasant idea to use your outdoor living space to entertain your friends and family for lunch or barbecue, have fun with the kids out-of-doors, and take a dip at the pool. All these activities are possible even at night if your outdoor space is well lighted. 


Aside from adding aesthetic value to your outdoor living space during nighttime, installing lighting around your pool deck has many benefits, especially safety.


Below are some reasons for how lighting helps with safety around the pool deck.


Safer walkways

Installing proper lighting around your pool deck makes your sidewalks safer to walk on. You’ll be able to spend time outside, even take a dip on the pool even during nighttime because you can walk safely from the house to your pool area. Having a safer walkway by installing lights around the pool deck gives you more swim time.


Mark elevation changes

When your landscaped area with a pool has different elevations, illuminating the area allows you to see the elevation changes. Path lights are used to brighten the space and see the surface changes in your landscaped yard. Make sure the lights you install are just enough because too much will defeat its purpose. 


Adds security

A landscaped outdoor living space with a pool usually has a lot of trees and plants around. Adding lighting to the area will add to the security in the area during the night. Proper lighting in the vicinity will keep unwanted visitors at bay. You will be able to see any happenings around your property at night.


Avoid trips or falls

When your pool deck area is well lit, you will have less risk of slipping or falling, which may result in broken backs or bones. It is essential to have proper lighting around your pool, especially when there are areas that are wet or have different elevations so that accidents will be avoided.


Determine the pool height

Installing lighting to your pool and its surrounding areas extends your living space and its use even at night. Proper lighting of the pool and the deck will let you and your guests locate the right area to swim. It will be most beneficial, especially if there are kids who will also swim at night.


Installing lighting to your pool area not only adds to its luxurious appeal but, more importantly, adds safety and security to your extended outdoor living space. Water front homes need sea turtle-friendly lighting from Lanai Lights.


For your landscape and pool lighting needs, call the experts at Lanai Lights. Expect customized outdoor lighting solutions using energy-efficient, and sea-turtle-friendly LED lighting.

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