How Long Until the Bail has been Fixed in Fort Myers FL?

How Long Until the Bail has been Fixed in Fort Myers FL?

A bail bond is a document that is being facilitated to release an inmate from jail until the trial.

Normally, the bail bond is a form of a payment system that requires the defendant to pay to the court for his provisional release. If the defendant can not afford the bail, he will have to hire the services of the Bail Bond Company. Thus, the Bail Bond Agent pays for the bail on behalf of the defendant. On the other hand, when the defendants use a Bail Bond Agent, the former pays the latter with a fee and the Bail Bond Agent acts as a surety. As a result, the latter will communicate to the court that he will pay for the full amount of the bond should the defendant decide not to appear during the trial.

As a comparison, the bond has a low upfront cost compared to the bail but it will become higher when the term be set to a longer period. Considering that the defendant makes all the appearances, the cash bail will surely be refunded with a 3% deduction for the processing fee if the defendant is found guilty later on. However, with a bond, any collateral that was posted will have to be refunded sooner except for the fee.

In essence, bail is the money paid by the defendant before he can enjoy his provisional freedom and when he fails to comply with the terms and conditions of his Bail Bond, he might forfeit the amount paid. In summary, if the accused is on bail and makes his first appearance in court and or his case will be adjudged in his favor and subsequently he is acquitted, his bail condition will be reverted to him.

Fundamentally, it is the sheriff that holds the custody of the bail until the defendant fully satisfies his obligation and/or he is exonerated of the pertinent charge, his money will thereafter be returned within a few of weeks.

Officially, the handling of the Bail Bond somehow differs in Florida based on the existing local law of the counties. The process as to how soon the Bail Bond may be facilitated for a defendant’s release differs from one county to another, which may take a couple of hours or days. Law firms could not in any way shorten the process because it is totally beyond their control. In short, it is discretionary to the court as to when the Bail Bond process be completed after due submission of the requirements.

But a diligent a Bail Bond Company may have the edge to promptly fast track the method because they may skip the trial and error portion of the process, which in effect will hastily facilitate the Bail Bond Posting. The experience and efficiency of a Bail Bond Company are one of the factors that may determine the prompt delivery of the service, to this end, it is highly recommended to avail the services of the All Out BailBonds.

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