How to Choose the Right Grout for Your Tiles

How to Choose the Right Grout for Your Tiles

Why is knowing the right grout an important thing for you to consider? Durability, beauty and functionality are certainly the most common factors you have in mind when tiling your floors. Hence, you have to make sure you keep the following basic information in mind when choosing the right grout for your tiles, namely: know the importance of grout; know the types of grout; and know the right grout color.

Know the importance of grout

First of all, you must realize that grout is really important to tiling. The tile and grout cleaning Laurens reminds us that grout fills the space in between the tiles. It also minimizes the chips and cracks on tile edges. Also, grout assists you in identifying the persistence and performance of the tile flooring in addition to drawing everyone’s attention to the beauty of the tiles.

Know the types of grout

The common types of grout are: cement or epoxy, sanded or un-sanded, and sealing grout. Knowing the types of grout from tile and grout cleaning company in Laurens will surely help you. Cement grout or Portland grout is very common and cost effective and easily available in local stores. Epoxy, on the other hand, is harder, expensive and difficult to install. However, epoxy stays on despite harsh cleansers and pressure. The next type of grout is sanded which is used when spaces between tiles are greater than 1/8 inch, but when the space is less than 1/8 inch, you have to use un-sanded. Both sanded and un-sanded are cement-based grout. Lastly, the sealing grout should be paired to a light-colored one especially when the place is exposed regularly to movement and moisture. It is recommended that breathable penetrating sealers be preferred because they do not peel or darken if moisture is trapped in those areas.

Know the right grout color

The experts in grouting, such as professional tile and grout cleaners in Laurens SC, recommend that before finally installing your tiles, you have to look at different tile-grout combinations. Doing so will help you save and keep you from making costly mistakes. Consider matching where the grout color is less pronounced so that the tile becomes the focus. When you want simple and safe combinations, choose beige, brown or gray. Finally, you may also contrast the tile and grout colors to give decorative or detailed geometric patterns.

Some tips you also have to remember are using either dark or light grout shades. Dark shades tend to hide dirt and stains but tend to fade and be stained by harsh cleaners. On the other hand, light grout, though it may look neat and clean, will surely reveal dirt. Tan, beige, light brown, and gray are preferable because you can easily clean them and they are less susceptible to fading or discoloration.

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