How to Clean Up After the Holidays

How to Clean Up After the Holidays

The Yuletide season brought much fun and cheer, but your house may have taken a beating after all the festivities and entertaining you had at home. Even if you want to put your feet up and relax, you don’t want to welcome the new year with all the mess. Sometimes, clean-ups are simply tempting to put off, but to postpone getting your house in order means you won’t be able to ring in the new year with a clean and shiny house. With this basic to-do list, start 2020 fresh with a spic and span home after the holidays.

Take your decors down.

Some people tend to be so overwhelmed by the holidays that they still have their decorations up by the time Valentine’s Day rolls in because they keep putting off the task of removing their decors. Even if you are tempted to let your decors stay up a bit longer, it is best to be motivated by the thought that you’d enjoy the new year more if your house is all nice and neat. Unfasten and detach all your holiday decors around the house then neatly pack them in an organized way, so by the time the next holiday season comes again, the decors will be easy to find and put up once again.

Freshen up your furniture.

Upholstery suffers wear and tear from all the use. It can also become a breeding ground for allergens and pose health risks. Make sure to clean your upholstery to remove stains before they set in. Wipe down or vacuum your furniture to remove dirt and debris. If you’re looking for a deeper clean to prolong the life of your heirloom furniture or valued investment pieces, you can call in professional services for upholstery cleaning in Saluda SC to guarantee that your upholstery is properly cleaned and restored.

Mop your floors.

Hardwood floors give a warm touch to any home. They certainly did lend a lovely ambiance and holiday cheer, but afterward, your floor was left with some dust and dirt after all the festivities. Wood floors can be quite tricky to clean because you certainly do not want to do them any damage. It’s best to be cautious in cleaning them by sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping them with a mop dampened with just water. Be mindful of using just a damp mop and not a soaking wet mop. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners, which can damage your floor. If you want a more thorough hardwood floor cleaning in Saluda SCcontact a professional cleaning team to handle the job for you expertly.

Clean your carpets.

The carpet catches all the dirt and debris from everyone and everything in the room. It is very unsanitary, not to mention unappealing, to have dirty carpets, which can be smelly and can cause health issues. Stains from spillage should be addressed right away before they become harder to remove. Vacuum your carpets and wipe down stains immediately. For a deep and thorough carpet cleaning in Saluda SC, contact a reputable company to be assured of efficiently and properly cleaned carpets.

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