How To Limit Mold Growth In The Winter Months in Upstate, SC

How To Limit Mold Growth In The Winter Months in Upstate, SC

Cold and wet winter months can create the perfect atmosphere for mold to grow. When water from rain, sleet and snow during the winter months gets tracked inside, the increased moisture can create more humid conditions inside your home, allowing mold to grow more quickly. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to reduce and control mold growth in your home this season. Read these tips from ServiceMaster of the Upstate to as safe and mold-free as possible.

Tips To Control Mold Growth in Winter

Call Professional Mold Remediation Company in Upstate, SC

If you can’t readily see a moisture problem but you find traces of mold growing in your home, it may be time to seek professional help from the experts at ServiceMaster of the Upstate. Our home restoration specialists have the training, experience, and equipment to treat, reduce, and control mold safely and effectively so your home can become your personal safe haven again. Let us use our proven expertise to create a comprehensive mold remediation plan that can prevent long-term damage to your home and health.

We carefully remove the mold, clean, disinfect, and repair the affected surfaces and materials, as well as how to stop the root cause. We can provide detailed assessments and restoration process outlines to your insurance company to support any claims.

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