How to Select the Best Carpet for Your Home

How to Select the Best Carpet for Your Home

Modern home construction tends to hard surfaces. However, there are still homeowners who add carpets to their homes. Purchasing carpets could be of many reasons, like adding color or texture to different rooms, or keeping within the budget. Still, the number one benefit is the affordability and comfort that these provide. 

There are many factors when it comes to choosing the right carpet for specific reasons. Some of these include construction, fiber type, the weight or density, and the pattern. 

Fiber type

There are many fiber types that make up carpets. These include wool, nylon, polyester, or olefin fiber. The carpet’s function and feel is affected by the type of fiber used. 

The resilient wool is made of natural fiber that allows it to keep its shape despite heavy use or traffic. Among the fibers available, wool is the most expensive and is difficult to remove stains from. In the 1940s, the first synthetic fiber used in carpet manufacturing was nylon which is both durable and long-wearing. Treatment of nylons is done to improve stain resistance. 

The less resilient polyester fiber has brighter colors and is fade-resistant. Recycled soda bottles comprise most PET polyester fiber and resists stain and is durable in dense cut-pile constructions. 

Olefin fiber is mostly used in construction carpets because it is least resistant to crushing. The fiber maintains its shape through the loop but there must be extra care to prevent snagging. 

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Carpet construction is the next factor to be considered. There are both benefits and disadvantages when it comes to fiber type. 

A loop construction is very suitable for homes with pets because of its durability. However, it is prone to pulling. Among the different types, the most difficult to seam are the loop construction carpets. Thus, these should be avoided to make use of wider 15-foot goods. 

The most common style is the cut-pile. These carpets are formal and display footprints and vacuum marks. On the other hand, a textured cut-pile carpet scatters light and is more suitable for an active household. 

Weight and density

The cost of a carpet involves the fiber itself. Thus, it is best to maximize the density and weight of the fiber. It is better to purchase a loop construction carpet than a cut-pile carpet because the former will wear better at a lower weight compared to the latter. 

Hallways or stairway carpets should consider density or compactness because of the heavy traffic these places experience. 

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Cut and loop carpets are typically short-piled and are a good choice for dens and game rooms or in homes that require wheelchair access. High twist frieze carpets are more expensive to manufacture but are durable at a lower weight and density than a normal cut-pile carpet.

Carpets have evolved through the years and have their own specificity for the needs of a household. This blog serves as a resource on how to process these specific concerns. 

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