How to Stay Safe When a Thunderstorm Threatens

How to Stay Safe When a Thunderstorm Threatens

Preparation for the hurricane season varies from year to year since hurricanes come in different strengths. Preparation must include Safety-related awareness always, and with hurricanes come thunderstorms most of the time, so it’s important to bear in mind some safety measures when thunderstorms and lightning strikes threaten you.

Normally, you can hear thunder about ten miles from a storm, and since lightning can strike more than ten miles out from a thunderstorm, the sound of thunder means you’re close enough to be struck.

Hurricane Preparation

  • Always have enough for your emergency water, food, and medical supplies. The preparation for what’s to come is very important.
  • Review and make an inventory of your hurricane preparation lists. Check your essentials like masks, plastic gloves, hand sanitizers, soaps, and medications.
  • You can protect and reduce your exposure  to viruses by limiting in-person visits from online deliveries, especially for your medical supplies.If available, you can sign-up for mail order delivery, or use drive-through windows or curbside pickup when you receive your goods or items.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, always remember to put your mask on using plastic gloves when handling products or items for safety purposes.
  • Get updated with local guidance and protocols on evacuation information, including shelters, maps, and even shelters for your pets.

In The Event of Flooding

  • Take refuge from high winds in a designated storm shelter or an interior room. If your home is located on a higher level that floodwaters can’t reach, you can store essentials  and stay there until the flooding subsides.
  • If you are in a building, avoid being trapped by going to its highest level. Do not climb in a closed attic; you might be trapped by rising floodwaters.
  • Do not swim, walk, or drive through flooded waters. Better be safe than sorry. You can read more on floodwater safety by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.
  • Stay in contact with your trusted company for Flood Damage in Newberry.

Staying Safe After a Hurricane

  • After the passing of a storm, when returning home and power is available, do not start all major appliances at once. Gradually turn them on to reduce damage to sensitive household equipment.
  • Read and follow post-storm safety precautions to protect your house and your family from hazards and contamination. Always be informed and be prepared.
  • Document the damage done by the hurricane. Take pictures or videos,  it may be necessary for insurance purposes or for reference in case of future hurricanes .
  • As recommended, follow social distancing rules, staying away at least 6 feet or about 2 arms’ length from others. Just be always cautious  whentalking to other people. Try to avoid people who you suspect might be sick to safeguard your health.
  • Listen to authorities and weather forecasts for information on whether it is safe to go outside and instructions regarding potential flash flooding.
  • Watch out for fallen power lines and trees. Report them immediately.
  • If there is severe damage in your home or business, immediately call an expert for Storm Damage Restoration in NewberryIn case of drying your wet items or property, you can also request for Structural Drying in Newberry.

It’s better if we prepare our home and business for emergencies. If your home will be damaged by flooding, call experts for water removal in Newberry. If it’s your business that is damaged by flooding, then you can contact a water damage company in NewberryServiceMaster of the Upstate.

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