Is Back Acne Any Different Than Facial Acne?

Is Back Acne Any Different Than Facial Acne?

Many people who are plagued with breakouts find that they have pimples not only on their face, but they typically also have constant cases of back acne as well.  Some people also seem to have just one over the other; pimples and breakouts on their back and shoulders with few on their face.  What makes back acne different than facial acne, if at all, and what can you do about it?

Acne is caused by a collection of dirt, oil and bacteria getting caught in an enlarged pore or hair follicle; for most people, this is rinsed away in the shower or even when you sweat.  Back acne is composed of this same material; it’s not unusual for a person to have quite a bit of dirt and bacteria along their back and shoulders as these areas collect sweat and when this isn’t rinsed or washed away, everything just sort of sits right where it is.  But the reason that these elements become back acne or acne on any other part of the body is that a small film of skin forms over these little collections and doesn’t allow them to be washed away, and so they grow into what we call pimples.

The solution to this is not to force the skin to break the way some people do; even if that were physically possible with back acne it would only damage the skin and leave unsightly scars.  It may provide temporary relief for that acne right at the moment but of course, doesn’t stop any more from reappearing.  It’s a much better idea to address the back acne at the source than to just keep “popping” the pimples.

As with facial acne, back acne is caused by more than just the collection of dirt, oil, and bacteria; this defect of the skin in that it forms over these pores or follicles is what makes them turn into pimples.  The best way to address back acne is to treat it exactly the way you would facial acne, that is, by using topical solutions that dissolve the dirt, oil and bacteria at the source since they can’t be washed away the same as any other collections of dirt on your body.

It may be difficult to reach your back acne with topical solutions but usually a little bit on a cotton swab is all that’s needed.  Of course you also need to keep your back and shoulders very clean so that all that dirt and bacteria has less of a chance of building up.  For men and women, this means changing your undergarments regularly and keeping them clean.  Avoid wearing an undershirt or bra two days in a row without laundering either.  These may not exactly cause your back acne but it can create the perfect environment for it to thrive and flourish.  The less bacteria and dirt you have on your back and shoulders, the less outbreaks of back acne you’re bound to have.

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