Is There a Cure for Acne?

Is There a Cure for Acne?

With all the advances we’ve made in the fields of medical science and research, you would think by now that there would be a simple and easy cure for acne.  After all, you can take a pill to prevent a pregnancy and get a new heart transplanted when yours is diseased, so it would seem an easy thing to have a pill you can pop or shot you can get as a cure for acne.  Unfortunately, while dermatologists and doctors have made great strides in understanding acne and its cause and prevention, they haven’t yet come up with that magic or easy actual cure for acne.  But that doesn’t mean that an acne sufferer is completely out of luck as of yet; there are many things that one can do to treat and address this condition and both heal up breakouts and prevent new ones as well.  While some of these things might include certain products and treatment options, many of them involve just a few simple changes in your routine and skincare regimen.

For one thing, it’s not uncommon for acne sufferers to go overboard in their search for a cure for acne and to overuse or overdo it when it comes to cleansers and topical agents.  Using soaps that are medicated every single day can only result in drying up your skin, causing it to produce even more oil than before.  Most topical agents should be used only once per day, usually at night.  Using them again in the morning and during the day can also result in your skin becoming very sensitive and dry.  As with any medicine or ointment, any cure for acne should be used only as instructed and not be overdone or misused in any way.

There is some controversy about how one’s diet affects their acne and occurrences of breakouts, but usually, any cure for acne involves a good diet and regular physical activity.  While some think that fried and greasy foods have no connection to acne and breakouts, others still staunchly disagree and point to those who have made changes in their diet with good results on their skin.

Dermatologists can also prescribe certain medications, whether topical or oral, that work as a cure for acne in extreme cases.  When bacteria build up in hair follicles or enlarged pores this can result in a pimple that never seems to go away, and some who have severe acne on their face, back or elsewhere may need help from a dermatologist to address this.  Usually, simple antibiotics work as a cure for acne in these cases as it helps to clean up those trapped bacteria. 

Usually, a good skincare regimen also works as a cure for acne; using a mild cleanser that is meant for sensitive skin only at night and a toner in the morning, along with proper moisturizing and a light application of a topical treatment can go a long way toward having healthy and radiant skin that is acne free.

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