Learning Some Truths About Acne

Learning Some Truths About Acne

It’s probably no secret to anyone that acne is a very difficult condition to live with.  Many who have it are incredibly self-conscious about it, thinking that it’s all that anyone ever sees when they meet them or that they’re being judged when it comes to their career, their personal relationships, and even in their own family.  While it may be true that most who have acne are much more aware of it than those around them, it is something that can and should be treated.  When a person ignores it, it can sometimes clear up on its own but it can also get even worse and eventually leave unsightly scars.

But what is also interesting about acne is that many people, even those who have this condition, have a lot of very inaccurate ideas about what causes it and how to treat it.  What’s especially unfortunate about this is that very often these misconceptions lead to people doing things that actually make their condition worse, not better!

As an example, many people think that acne is just caused by too much dirt and bacteria on the face.  Since they think that cleaning is the key to acne treatment, they then wind up cleaning and cleaning and cleaning their face several times per day.  This not only doesn’t cure acne it can actually irritate your skin, leaving it raw, red, itchy, and blotchy.  It can actually even make the breakouts worse as the skin tries to heal itself against this harsh treatment, causing it to close up over pores and hair follicles, leading to more outbreaks.

Some also think that an excess of oil is what causes acne; in truth, it’s this oil being caught in pores and hair follicles that actually cause an outbreak, not just the oil itself.  Everyone has oil on their face, and everyone needs that oil as well.  Without oil the skin would become dry and cracked and somewhat leathery; the body slowing down its production of oil is one thing that contributes to skin becoming wrinkled as one gets older.  But those who think that acne is caused just by oily skin can use astringents and other treatment options too much, and actually cause their skin to get overly dry.  The skin can also react by overcompensating for this treatment by producing even more oil than before, causing more clogged pores and then more acne breakouts.

Of course, keeping your skin clean, your pores unclogged, and absorbing excessive amounts of oil is part of addressing your acne, but when someone goes overboard in these directions and is too rough with their skin, or doesn’t realize the real reasons for acne breakouts they’re not going to have any good results.  Not only will they not stem the number of breakouts they have, but they may also actually be causing more.  To really address acne effectively, it’s important to really understand what causes it and then you can better understand how to treat it.

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