Microwave Oven Troubleshooting and Easy Repairs in Naples, Florida

Microwave Oven Troubleshooting and Easy Repairs in Naples, Florida

In Naples, we have grown custom to convenience.  Busy lifestyles, and schedules make for using the Microwave over and over.  Even bringing home a favorite dish from the restaurants or country club may need to be heated up for lunch.   When it comes to taking care of this appliance, the following microwave repair tips can come in handy:

Problem: I can see glowing objects inside the microwave.

The first thing that you need to do is to note the area concerned. The next thing is to turn off the device immediately. When the microwave has cooled down, try to check the part where you have seen the spark. The main cause of this is the presence of small metals or even bits of flammable objects left inside. Try to clean up the device before using it again.  Contact Appliance Doctor for immediate repair of this possibly dangerous condition.

Problem: The turntable is not moving.

Contact Appliance Doctor, Inc for appliance repair in Lee County, You can try to remove the turntable from the microwave. Check the guides for any stuck food remnants that can hinder it from moving properly. Clean up before returning the turntable and using it again.

Problem: The microwave is not turning on.

When you encounter this problem, you have to determine what the is – is it your electricity line or the microwave itself. Check if the circuit breaker in your home if it has tripped. Also, look for loose wiring. If everything is in place and there is no problem with your electrical connections or supply, then the problem lies in the microwave.  Appliance Doctor, Inc will evaluate and repair the problem.

If the microwave itself is not functioning, this is a good opportunity to call an expert in appliance repair in Lee County. These troubleshooting tips are important for a no-fuss solution to your simple microwave problems but by all means, especially if your microwave is still malfunctioning after troubleshooting, you can leave serious microwave repair procedures to experts like Appliance Doctor, Inc., which you can contact here.

We also have available parts of your appliances that you can order. Visit https://www.sickappliances.com/ or https://appliancedoctor.partstoday.com/ details. You can also contact us at Estero/Bonita – 239-992-0505, Fort Myers – 239-936-0111, Cape Coral – 239-540-9500, Naples – 239-434-7546, Marco Island – 239-642-0505, Golden Gate – 239-353-2020, and East Naples – 239-732-0111.

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