Most Common Things to Clean After Hurricane

Most Common Things to Clean After Hurricane

Hurricane season is unstoppable. So as their home to be cleaned right after the hurricane took place in their area. Cleaning up is the only option that remains, but what are the most common house valuables and areas that need to be cleaned up and cared for.

1. Carpet

Hurricane must have brought the flood to the area and damaged the carpet at home. It might put a damper on their mood, but taking action right away may save the carpet from severe damage. Molds, insects, and microbes might grow and attack carpet due to dirt, flood, and water damage. Hiring a residential carpet cleaning company might help to save from costly expenses, take care of carpet, and keep it away from the risk that may affect the health and family.

2. Upholstery and Furniture

In the case of a hurricane and other severe weather that can damage the home, there is not enough time to save everything, especially furniture, but to keep it safe. Then in the aftermath, when it returns to their home, it can be devastating. Furniture, which is the next most valuable thing to a house, might be damaged by the flood. Upholstery and furniture can be salvaged and repaired, mainly it has sentimental value or might be a family heirloom and or insurance covered. Restoring and cleaning the furniture might cost a lot of money. It is better to evaluate and get an estimate if it is worth saving unless it has sentimental value. If so, choose an expert for furniture and upholstery cleaning company to restore their valuable things.

3. Tile and grout

The water can not easily damage pipes due to flooding. However, standing water can damage grout between the tiles. The floor that remains damp over some time may cause molds and bacteria to increase as well. Drying may take a long-time process, but taking action right after the flood can reduce damaged to repairs a home.

4. Wall, floor, windows, decks, front and back porch

These are just minor parts of a house that might need to clean up after the storm but also essential to be checked upon. It may have cracks, broken, dirty, and require serious repair. Broken windows leaks from the ceiling, cracks from walls and floors as well may cause another damage to a home. Ask the expert and highly trained cleaning service company for help and advice to save their home.

Cleaning and restoring valuable things, and home can be tight right after the hurricane. Going back and saving is what they can do. What they fight against is a flood, water damage, dirt, and molds. They clean up and restore the home after the disaster.

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