Naples Washer Repair Tips to Prevent a Service Call

Naples Washer Repair Tips to Prevent a Service Call
In this age where people always desire instant gratification, it is tempting to make a service call when there is a need for a washer repair. 

Here are top washer repair Naples FL tips when your washer does not work properly.

The following tips can help you save money when you need to make a service call or solve issues that only require doing it yourself. 
  1. Check the washer. Washers sometimes just need to be plugged in. Repairmen often get paid for simple tasks that laypeople can do. Animals or fallen objects bump into plugs and loosen them. 
  2. Check the breaker box. If the washer is plugged properly and the washer still will not function, the next thing is to see if there is a blown fuse or a tripped breaker in the central home electrical box. It is possible that one can replace the fuse or turn the breaker on. However, it is crucial to call a washer repair technician Naples FL if this often happens.
  3. Ensure water valves are open. Water is the next thing need if there is already an electrical power. If water does not come in the machine, one has to ensure that the water valves are open. There are the hot and the cold valves and are distinguished by the red and blue knob or switch. There are washers that need both valves open even if there is only that is needed. If the water valves are open and the washer does not fill, the filter screen may be clogged. The machine should be unplugged and the water valves turned off. Remove the remaining water and unscrew the hoses from the machine. The washer might work again through a simple cleaning. 
  4. Check that the clothes are balanced. There are instances when there are terrible noises that come from the washer. These come from improper loading of clothes in the washer. Clothing must be loaded evenly for standard top load washers to ensure that all sides of the central agitator are occupied. There might for overloading for high-efficiency top load washers with no central agitator. Underloading is the cause of the noises that come from front load models as heavy items move around during the final spin. Put the machine off if there is thumping happens during the spin cycle and redistribute the wet clothing. 
  5. Check for foreign objects in the washer. There are situations when there are weird noises that come from the washer. Objects caught in the drain line or the water pump produce gurgling or clicking sounds. These can be cleaned easily. There might be tiny toys, coins, or buttons inside. Pockets must be checked before loading clothes. However, if the washer constantly produces screeching or squealing noises, an internal mechanical problem is signified and requires an appliance repair Naples FL
  6. Call for professional services. If one has done everything and the washer does not work properly, it is high time for a person to call a Naples appliance repair. A Naples washer repair might be the best option especially if all steps from the manual have been thoroughly followed.  
When your washer is not performing up to your expectations, it is time to call the Doctor – Appliance Doctor IncContact 239-434-7546 and speak with an experienced customer service technician to schedule your appliance repair appointment today!
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