Outdoor Security LED Lights Products and Installation Services in Houston, Texas

Outdoor Security LED Lights Products and Installation Services in Houston, Texas

It’s December and Texas winter nights are already here. Winter nights are increasingly getting darker as we approach the New Year, but have you checked your outdoor lights as to how efficiently are they functioning about the security and aesthetic looks of your home? 


Or perhaps, you might sometimes think it is better to sacrifice the beauty of your residential lighting, well-balanced lighting against home lighting for your family’s safety and protection, that’s over lighting. 

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3 Main Purpose of Outdoor Lighting

  1. appealing to the homeowners
  2. helpful to the residents
  3. must keep and maintain security by discouraging trespassers since a well-lit home is less possibly to be broken into.


Fortunately, modern lighting technology provides the all-in-one solution to this lighting dilemma – LED outdoor lighting.  Lanai Lights introduce the use of motion sensor outdoor wall lights with replaceable LED flood light bulbs that are hardwired into your home, at the same time provide aesthetic beauty to your abode.


As every winter night gets darker, the need to invest in Security LED Lights should not be taken for granted.

Here are some several reasons why Security LED light is a must


  • Energy and power saving.

Security LED lights utilize 90% less energy than other halogen floodlights, without compromise on lighting performance and achievement.


  • A sensor in motion.

The majority of Lanai Lights Security LED lights or Lanai outdoor lighting products come with an additional motion sensor, which can pick up movement until 10 meters away and will automatically turn off once movement is not detected for more than 30 seconds.


  • Handy, easy, and quick to install.

Aside from the option of being wireless, there are numerous choices for handy floodlighting in a range of variations of sizes and colors to choose from.


  • A wide array of the color range.

LED lights come in different sorts of colors to choose from without using gels or filters, which can burn out or fade over time.


  • Highly versatile.

There are several LED lighting options available ranging from LED bulbs, LED downlights, decorative lights, and many more, to suit each specific needs and functions.


Trusted LED Lighting Company in Houston, Texas

Since 2006, Lanai Lights has never failed to provide outdoor security LED lights, products, and services to residential and commercial clients in Houston, Texas. We produce remarkable lighting products that are professionally designed to improve outdoor living spaces and give added security.


Lanai Lights also offer bright, inviting, and friendly-pocket security LED lighting solutions with fully patented, innovative designs you’ll find only in Lanai lighting.


If you come up about installing outdoor lighting, think of the benefits of relying on the outdoor lighting services of a professional. Lighting experts of Lanai Lights have the knowledge, experiences, and expertise to determine the best and acceptable type of lights to be used, how many products to install, and where to locate them, so you get the greatest lighting benefits for your home.


For your LED lighting needs and other lighting services, you may contact us at 888-829-3888, or through our website at https://lanailights.com/contact-us/.


Lanai Light’s Security LED Lights 

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We offer several LED lighting models for your outdoor lighting needs:

You may also visit our official website to learn more at https://lanailights.com/. Our team of lighting specialists would be happy to serve and provide you with our services on your lighting needs and other lighting concerns of your home.

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