Personalize Your Creative Landscaping Projects with Beautiful Pavers in Fort Myers, FL

Personalize Your Creative Landscaping Projects with Beautiful Pavers in Fort Myers, FL

Imagine yourself staring at the backyard, with flowers blooming in the garden bed but deep inside you felt…unsatisfied? When you decide to make some changes that would increase the value of your property and could totally give the ‘wow factor’ from anyone who visits your place, or when you welcome changes that can totally inspire you to invest far more and would satisfy your eyes?

Why not try some landscaping projects that can travel you back in time during the timeworn colonial streets and alleyways of Charleston, Williamsburg, or Savannah, to classic and antiquated Mediterranean European/Italian lawn styles, or a more modern way to present a clean backyard made of pave stones and a crystal-like pool surrounded by unique bricks that harmonizes the colors within the area, totally giving a dramatic, and vintage look and feel that relaxes your body and soul – your abode of peace.

Pavers are external floorings made of paving stones, tile or brick-like pieces of concretes that can surely create a European touch and feel like you are living to an era where Romeo and Juliet’s romantic scenes were made. 

Paver installation offers several benefits when you decide to install one.
By building the creative pavers on your landscape garden or patio, you will not just satisfy and indulge yourself with the ambiance of beauty and tranquil but also your guests, friends, or relatives that will have a long and deep first impression impact on their memories of your residence.   

It can also increase your property cost and value at the same time. An investment worth if you have plans for the future in selling your property. Every real estate agent and the land developer will surely attract and sell your residence with the highest regard on their testimonials, making it easy and convenient in marketing your estate. 

By having it installed at your property, there will be no room for weed or bushes growth in your property.  You might spend more on its installation, but you also will save more as time goes because these types of landscapes require less maintenance and the repair cost is much lower. 

Plus the fact that pavers last long from 50-100 years and only takes a brick to replace a broken one.  It has a neat presentation of a backyard you are confident and proud enough to show off by throwing your own party in the backyard.

A beautiful landscape can never happen on its own you need experts who can ensure you good quality of service and output to equal with the amount you give. Plus, considering the saving idea that will surely fit in your interest and benefit.

ProGreen Landscaping and Pavers is a dream team of landscapers and land developers that have been working for more than 11 years. They specialize the landscaping and paver installation that creates a series of unique output designs that are practical and realistic based on your budget and constraints. Your opinion on the design will be discussed, without hitting your budget. The company’s goal is to make sure that your outdoor space will be converted to paradise you envisioned. 

We ensure that all the materials used are locally produced to support the local products that have the full potential of providing good quality materials that last longer than the other products which cost more than what locals can provide. Assurance of material qualities was tested for a long period of time creating a series of ideas to choose from.

We would love to meet you and discuss making your aspired landscape in Florida a reality. Arrange an appointment today, and one of our friendly landscapers will be in touch shortly to discuss your landscaping needs and see if we can provide a good fit for service. Give us a call at 239-747-7460 for Paving Service and 239-747-7591 for Landscaping Services at our Pavers Cape Coral, Pavers Fort Myers Landscaping, and Pavers Lehigh Acres.

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