Preferred Lawn Care: Top Eight Benefits of Pruning

Preferred Lawn Care: Top Eight Benefits of Pruning

The trees are components of the urban forest, which provide a range of environmental and societal benefits to people. Several factors help explain how urban trees contribute to Michigan’s environmental development plans as well as user-friendly strategies.


Trees are generally trimmed for one of these three purposes:

  1. a) overall aesthetics
  2. b) safety measures
  3. c) health of people in the surrounding areas.


However, timely tree trimming and pruning program maintenance in Michigan in sync with the weather is a necessary activity and which has several benefits. 


What is pruning? 


Pruning is the practice of removing specific portions of a tree or shrub (such as roots, buds, or branches) that are dead and dying due to pests, disease, and lack of sunlight or trimming for healthy plant development and aesthetic purposes.


Preferred Lawn Care is a locally owned and operated serving Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Whitehall areas with comprehensive, state of the art lawn care and landscaping services.

We offer everything from basic lawn maintenance to landscaping, hardscaping, water features, sprinkler systems, gutters, and holiday lighting. Our highly-trained team is committed to excellence, service, and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on prompt, professional service.


Here are the top 8 benefits of pruning: 


  1. Pruning program maintenance in Muskegon is very vital for tree crops. When tree crops develop excessive branches, sometimes these branches prevent sunlight and air from reaching the middle and ground portions of the tree thereby impeding the proper growth of the tree. When these excess branches are pruned or cut off, then sunlight and air can get to all parts of the tree and make the tree grow very well.


  1. Pruning program maintenance in Grand Haven promotes the fruiting of trees. Pruning can be very important for fruit trees because it enables them to produce more fruits. Fruit trees that do not get pruning on a regular basis do not produce as many fruits as those that are properly and regularly pruned.


  1. Pruning program maintenance in Whitehall also helps in making sure that there is a balanced distribution of fruits on fruit-bearing trees.


  1. Pruning program maintenance ensures the longevity of plants. Plants that undergo proper and frequent pruning enjoy more longevity than those that do not.


  1. Pruning plants regularly ensures that all diseased and damaged parts of the plant are gotten rid of to ensure the smooth growth of the plant. If diseased or damaged parts of a plant are not removed quickly, the disease can spread and take over all the parts of the plant.


  1. Pruning will ensure that the plants remain healthy because pruning helps in controlling diseases and pests attacking the plants.


  1. Pruning improves the appearance and beauty of the plant. When plants are pruned on a regular basis, the plants tend to maintain their natural shape all the time.


  1. Pruning also improves sanitation and keeps your environment safer. For example, hedges around your house that do not regularly undergo pruning can harbor harmful animals such as snakes and scorpions . Bad people can also hide in such unpruned plants to perpetrate their evil deeds. Also, pruning trees along pedestrian paths and roads that have excess branches is very essential. Doing this can prevent the branches of these trees accidentally breaking and falling down during a storm and causing harm to pedestrians.


Some of the trimming options include


  • Removing dead wood to provide sunshine and reduce dropping hazards
  •  Shaping your tree for optimal health and natural appearance
  •  Promoting more effective growth for fruit-bearing plants
  •  Reducing the load on branches to create a stronger structure
  •  Specialist tree cutting near power lines and properties


Finally defining reasons for trimming will also influence when you prune as well. You can do light pruning or remove deadwood at any time, but if you have larger goals, you should seriously plan your pruning around the seasons based on the city weather.


A healthy tree is a safer tree, as well! Adequate water and nutrients will help the tree maintain strong and vigorous branches. And, of course, sometimes a tree is in such poor health that no amount of pruning will make it safe enough to coexist with us and it must be removed. Call Preferred Lawn Care for a free estimate. 

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