Some Options Today for Acne Scar Treatment

Some Options Today for Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars can be very traumatizing to those who suffer from them.  Most who have severe scars think that the only thing people see when they look at them are those scars, and their self-esteem can suffer greatly.  But thankfully there are many options today for acne scar treatment, many of which are not only effective but affordable and relatively painless.  Most acne scar treatment options are done in the dermatologist’s office on an outpatient basis and result in only a day or two of discomfort; the majority of patients that opt for these are able to go back to work the next day.


Microdermabrasion as an Acne Scar Treatment

Some years ago dermatologists used to use what was called dermabrasion as an acne scar treatment, where a small tool had a wire brush at the end of it that spun around incredibly fast; this wire brush was run across the face to scrape off the top layer of skin to reveal healthier skin underneath.  If this sounds painful, it is.  Many who tried it got some results but felt pain and discomfort for weeks afterward.  Dermatologists worked to improve this procedure and now use what is called microdermabrasion, which is a brushing of very tiny crystals across the face to scrape off some of that upper layer of skin.  The microcrystals are much less painful than the wire brush and yield good results with only minor discomfort for a day or two.  Most who try this as an acne scar treatment are pleased with the results and can have the procedure repeated after a few months for even better results.


Light and Laser as Acne Scar Treatment

Is there nothing they can’t do with lights and lasers today?  Very controlled lasers can work as an acne scar treatment the same way that those micro crystals do.  They take off a very thin outer layer of skin so that new skin underneath is exposed.  This means those scars get taken off as well.  Certain lights on the skin can help it to heal, plumping up the collagen underneath and forcing it to heal itself more readily. 


Collagen Injections as Acne Scar Treatment

If you have acne scars you can tell that they look a lot like deep inroads in the skin.  These scars are from when the skin over a pimple broken and did not heal properly; usually broken skin is able to form a barrier or bridge between the two broken pieces but when it doesn’t, a scar appears.  Collagen injections can work as an acne scar treatment because they force that skin to plump back up and lessen the red of the scar as well.  They are not permanent solutions and often need to be repeated once or twice per week, but most who try them report being very happy with the results and of course they are the least painful of all the options. 

If you’re interested in any of these acne scar treatments, make an appointment with your dermatologist today!


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