Some Simple Acne Solutions

Some Simple Acne Solutions

It might seem like an oxymoron to some who really don’t believe that there’s anything simple about possible or potential acne solutions.  They may have had some experience in trying to treat their acne and have found that potential solutions have been anything but simple, and have involved complicated cleaning regimens, dozens of different products, and so on.  But in truth, acne solutions typically boil down to a few simple steps and yes, possibly a few simple products.

Many who try acne solutions make the mistake of going overboard in their treatment, using harsh soaps and cleansers in the treatment of their skin.  As with any other physical condition, using too much medication or too many products is not going to do any good and may actually make things worse.  Your skin is a living organ that needs proper treatment, not punishment.  A very gentle and mild cleanser, one for sensitive skin, is usually best when it comes to acne solutions.  While there are many soaps that are advertised as being for acne sufferers, these are usually far too harsh to use every single day. 

There are many things you can do at home by way of acne solutions.  For example, acne is caused by dirt, oil and bacteria getting trapped in enlarged pores and hair follicles and a small layer of skin not breaking over them so that these can get washed or rinsed away.  Using a warm mist vaporizer or humidifier has seemed to help some; of course, you can burn your skin if you hold your face too close or if the steam is too warm, but as acne solutions go, this one does seem to do some good.  Many use them before cleaning their face so that the pores are open and more able to be cleaned out.

Homemade facial masks also help to clean out the pores and clear away acne.  Some have reported that these types of acne solutions are even more effective than ones they get from the dermatologistHoney, oatmeal, avocado, lemon, cucumber, eggs, and yogurt are all common ingredients in these homemade facial masks.  You may not think of these food products – most of which are in your refrigerator right now – as being effective acne solutions but most contain natural cleansing agents, vitamins, and moisturizers that help to heal the skin and nourish it as well.

Many who engage in a simple regimen of gently washing their face with a mild cleanser, exfoliating once per week, and moisturizing every night find that this can be one of the best acne solutions there is.  Applying a homemade facial once per week or every other week contributes to the skin’s health overall as well and can help to keep it clear of bacteria and harmful elements.  Of course, for very stubborn breakouts and for a chronic condition, a dermatologist can offer even more effective acne solutions, from topical solutions to oral antibiotics that help to keep bacteria off the face as well.

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