Spring Cleaning this January? Here are Some Things You May Need to Throw Out

Spring Cleaning this January? Here are Some Things You May Need to Throw Out

The start of a new year, just like spring, often brings an urge to purge. A disorganized home can make you feel overwhelmed, and decluttering can actually help save money and even bring a little extra dough.

Even if the overload isn’t so bad you’re thinking of renting a storage unit, being honest about what you use and what’s gathering dust can help you make smarter buying decisions in the future. Less clutter can also keep you from buying the same item again because you can’t find what you already have.

Clearing the entire house of clutter takes time, so start by targeting these things you might need to throw out; here are tips from ServiceMaster of Savannah, a company that offers residential cleaning Savannah, mold remediation Savannahair duct cleaning Savannah, and upholstery cleaning services Savannah.


  • Tupperware – keep a few boxes you use the most and get rid of the rest.
  • Plastic bags – everybody has a cabinet full of old shopping bags; be different!
  • Expired spices and condiments – dry spices are good for as long as 18 to 24 months. Sauces last up to six months in the refrigerator.
  • Single wrapped sauces and plastic cutlery – free a whole kitchen drawer by throwing away all the ‘takeout accessories’.
  • Kitchen items that double – because nobody needs two potato peelers.
  • Coffee and tea mugs – cups tend to pile up and over the years.

Children’s room

  • Small clothes – children are outgrowing their garments fast. Donate the ones that are in good condition and throw away the rest.
  • Stuffed animals & toys – keep the most favorite toys and donate the rest.
  • Children’s art projects – it’s difficult to throw away your child’s art. However, spare a few hours for careful curation, keep the most precious drawings and projects, and say goodbye to the rest.

Living room

  • Old magazines – don’t be a hoarder! Remember that most of the content can be found online. Recycle the paper.
  • Documents and bills – outdated receipts, bills, and paychecks, and manuals for old electronics – do you have that much space at home?

Bedroom and Closet

  • Worn out underwear – everybody owns at least one favorite piece of clothing. However, when worn out, these items are just making it more difficult to find what to wear in the morning.
  • Old T-shirts – old favorite T-shirts are reminding you of some nice trips and great concerts. However, these garments tend to pile up in your wardrobe. Wear everything that still fits you. Throw away the rest.
  • Worn-out towels and bed linens – the only reasonable way to reuse these items is to cut them in pieces, use them during your spring cleaning instead of rags, and then toss them for good.
  • Damaged garments and shoes – don’t keep torn or broken clothing damaged beyond repair.
  • Your wedding dress – it’s a gorgeous sentiment of a precious moment; however, wedding dresses take up too much space. Donate your dress to a charity and help someone else have a special day.
  • Coat hangers – keep only wooden hangers of good quality. Get rid of the broken plastic and metal ones you get from your dry cleaners.

Garage & Garden

  • Area rugs – do you keep an old rug in your garage just in case you need it again? If you haven’t used it for the last two years, then you probably wouldn’t the next 20.
  • Old paint – paint dries up fast once it’s opened. If you purchased the can more than a year ago, then you probably should get rid of it.
  • Sports Equipment – keep only the sports gear you use regularly. Sell or donate the rest.
  • Pots and Gardening tools – you haven’t planted a single plant for years, your tools are rusty, and half of the pots are already broken. Give away the items that are still in good condition, throw away the others, and free yourself some space in your garage.

There would be another one huge cleaning day next year, and another, and another, and so it goes. You might be punishing yourself as the tasks would only be more overwhelming and difficult when you eventually decide to do the cleaning. Imagine scrubbing the floors of a toilet that has accumulated over eleven months’ worth of dirt! Not a pretty sight right? Get a professional to do it for you.

To make things easier, you can call ServiceMaster of Savannah to do the job for you. For professional residential cleaning services in Savannah, Georgia, and its surrounding areas, contact ServiceMaster of Savannah at 912-244-6966.

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