Spring Cleaning Tips for Northeast Florida Residents

Spring Cleaning Tips for Northeast Florida Residents

Winter is over and we need to start our Spring Cleaning in Clearwater FL. Let’s start by preparing your long-handled duster, cleaning cloth, garbage bag, vacuum cleaner, and other cleaning materials.  This will be a big job best handled by ServiceMaster by PWF‘s cleaning professionals.

ServiceMaster by PWF offers upholstery cleaning in Clearwater FLcarpet cleaning service in Clearwater FL and tile and grout cleaning company in Clearwater. With our commitment to providing high-quality service and achieving complete customer satisfaction, we’ll do whatever it takes to go above and beyond your expectations. We combine green cleaning solutions with innovative technology to get your home or your business the results you need. You can rely on our professional upholstery, carpet, tile and grout cleaning in Clearwater, FL  to deal with your worn-out or stained furniture, carpets, and tiles and make them look new!

So here are some spring cleaning tips for Northeast Florida residents.

  1. Clean the windows
    Let the light in this spring by giving your windows an extensiveclean to get rid of the layers of accumulated muck and dust and feel the benefits of a lighter, brighter room immediately.
  2.  Clean and polish wooden floors

    What’s better than a well-cleaned and polished floor? This would make your home look newer and fresher. In addition, you can also have your home wood floors waxed  once a year.

  3. Dust the house
    Give your home gleaming surfaces by running over hard surfaces with a damp cloth. Intricate objects, such as beaded lampshades and ornaments, can be dusted with a clean paintbrush. Vacuum fabric such as sofas and curtains.

  4. Clean the sofa
    Your sofa might already have accumulated dirt and grime through the years, as well as stains from food or beverage spills. Check the kind of upholstery you have before washing it to prevent incurring damages. A professional can help you with deep upholstery cleaning, and the experts know how to do it the right way.

  5. Clean the rugs
    Cleaning rugs can be as simple as beating the dirt out. Leave them to air on the washing line for a few hours to get rid of odors, or sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda and leave overnight before vacuuming.

  6. Clean the grout
    Give stained moldy grout a spring clean to get your bathroom and kitchen spic and span and more hygienic. You might be tempted to do the cleaning on your own, but you might make the problem worse. Call in the professionals for proper cleaning as well as tips and advice.

  7. Declutter
    There’s no point in having a sparkling clean house if every surface is covered in clutter, so while you are tidying take the opportunity to have a clear-out and donate items you no longer need to charity shops and family members, and anything valuable can be sold on eBay.

  8. Clean the mattress
    Make good use of the abundant sunshine by airing your mattress outside, a procedure which could also dry out dust mites that might be lurking in it. If leaving the mattress in the garden isn’t an option then open the window and leave the bed unmade during the day so the mattress can air.

  9. Retouch chipped paint
    Retouch chipped, flaked, or stained paint while you have the time. Painting is a cheap investment that can make your house look newer. If you don’t have any paint left but don’t fancy repainting the whole room, taster pots of the paint you originally used might still be available in DIY stores.

At ServiceMaster by PWF, we only employ fully trained cleaners and IICRC certified technicians to ensure a deep all over clean to the highest standards. There is a number of factors that explain why this service is so popular with customers:

  • A team manager who will supervise the clean on the day and liaise with you throughout the job
  • Experienced cleaners with equipment and products to ensure a deep clean
  • Our services are insured to give you peace of mind that your home and belongings are in safe hands

It may be commercial, industrial, or residential, small or big work. You name it, we can do the job easier, faster, cost-effective and safer with the help of our most innovative tools and well-trained staff. Be assured that we will recommend only what is needed and best to save you time for a healthier home and family.

For more Spring Cleaning Tips for Northeast Florida Residentscontact us today to set up your ServiceMaster by PWF cleaning schedule.

ServiceMaster Restoration by PWF services are available in Pinellas, Ocala, Gainesville, Lake City, Duval, Clay, and St. John, Florida, as well as other surrounding areas and counties. Contact us at (866) 599-0871.

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