The Best Trees to Consider for Your Landscaping in Muskegon, MI

The Best Trees to Consider for Your Landscaping in Muskegon, MI

Many factors go into the process of choosing the perfect tree for your yard. Not only must you consider the reason behind your purchase but you must also research the type of environment your landscaping trees are going to require for healthy growth.

When you first buy a home, the concept of buying a tree may not even occur to you. After all, you have all kinds of other things going on to even think about landscaping your home other than keeping the lawn sufficiently mowed. Yet this may change as you start looking at your barren front yard from your window. You may want to consider planting trees as part of your landscaping.

Determining Your Tree’s Purpose

Healthy landscaping trees have intrinsic value that goes well beyond simply looking nice. Depending on the type of tree you plant, you may be able to:

  • Enhance the beauty of your yard
  • Filter out pollutants
  • Reduce noise
  • Shield your home from wind
  • Shade your home from the sun
  • Create shady outdoor areas
  • Block unpleasant views
  • Increase the market value of your property
  • Reduce glare from surrounding structures
  • Minimize precipitation runoff

Selecting a Tree Size and Shape

  • Pick a tree with the ideal shape for your desired area. For instance, short trees with low-lying branches are perfect for regions with overhead electrical cables, while taller trees make phenomenal protection dividers. The width of a tree’s limbs will determine how much shade it can provide.
  • Landscaping service in Muskegon will know what to do.
  • In general, mature trees with long life expectancy add more value over younger trees with less potential. Trees offering longer lifespans tend to grow  slowly, while varieties with shorter lifespans grow rapidly. In the event that your landscaping needs are time-sensitive, picking fast growers is the best alternative. You’ll essentially need to understand that some trees may require replacing sooner than later.
  • In addition to keeping in mind how quickly the trees will grow, you may want to consider its size at maturity before choosing its role in your landscape design.
  • Shorter landscaping trees are going to accentuate the beauty of your home without overshadowing its size.
  • Taller landscaping trees often add more value to the property by enhancing privacy without infringing on the home’s exposure to sunshine.

Trees to Consider

Ornamental Trees

For small spaces that need a little height, look to ornamental trees with blooms, berries, or colorful foliage. These species are beneficial for pollinators and birds, and you may get the added bonus of edible fruit!

Shade Trees

Get the shady canopy in your backyard that you’ve always dreamed of. Although they take years to fill in and require maintenance like staking and pruning, shade trees are worth it.


If you’re looking for privacy from neighbors, conifers are your best bet and  act as a privacy screen. Taller varieties offer a bit of shade and can be used as windbreaks in rural areas.

Your Landscaping Company in Muskegon will arrange your trees effectively to achieve the look you want in your backyard or garden. You must carefully consider all options as it may have a long-term effect on your landscape.

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