Things to Discuss with your Fort Myers Family Lawyer When Planning to File a Divorce

Things to Discuss with your Fort Myers Family Lawyer When Planning to File a Divorce

The establishment of a family is an engagement to be undertaken because it is the basic unit of society.

This is the chief reason why the state provides the utmost protection and support to the sustenance of the family unless otherwise, the marriage of the couple is irreparable.

To severe such marriage, it should undergo a court proceeding through the observance of the civil procedure of divorce. Divorce is the legal dissolution of marriage by terminating the marital union and the cancellation of the entailing marital duties and responsibilities to one another. In short, it is the dissolution of the marriage bond between the couple under the rule of law of the State of Florida.

The dissolution of a marriage is difficult for all parties including their children. It is like closing an old stage of the couple’s life and opening a new chapter.

However, this process of marriage dissolution is perplexing because it ravels with child support and child custody as well as the partition of real properties.

If you are in Fort Myers, Florida and you are in dire need to look for a Fort Myers divorce lawyeryou should consider availing the professional services of Marquez-Kelly Family Law Attorney. 

Mellany Marquez-Kelly of Marquez-Kelly Law has already gained experience in the ups and downs of the dissolution of marriage as she honed herself nurture compassion to help facilitate the successful legal outcome of the divorce. As a matter of fact, she is compassionate to the legal practice particular related to family law and this is the reason why she is also a dedicated a Cape Coral divorce lawyer

Apart from the above credential, Mellany Marquez-Kelly has likewise developed expertise in the following fields:

A. Child Support

Every time a couple dissolves their marriage; the next problem would be the child support because the child would surely be put under the custody of a custodial parent and the other non-custodial parent should need to provide financial support as his contribution to the process of raising the child.

B. Alimony

In cases one of the parties is not financially stable especially if she is the aggrieved party, the court may order to the high-paying party to provide financial support to the other one until she can personally support herself already.

C. Child Custody

The family court is always equitable but it usually tilts to the interest of the child, thus, it grants the custody of the child to a parent that can provide him/her with his/her emotional and financial needs.

D. Separation Agreement

As part of the dissolution of marriage, other matters such as child support, alimony, and child custody should be resolved also. However, this is always the case, where the couple could hardly resolve their respective issues and the law of Fort Myers, Fl family could not be applied without bias. Thus, the rule of law of another State will now be utilized to resolve their differences.

These are the matters that you should discuss with your Fort Myers Family Lawyer when planning to file a divorce.

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