Top Tips to Stop Hoarding

Top Tips to Stop Hoarding

Quite a number of people fall into the trap of hoarding things. People who hoard are usually those who have an obsessive-compulsive disorder who need to buy too much of something or people who have trouble getting rid of so many items which they think may have value in the future. Hoarding things lead to a lot of clutter in a home that it no longer becomes functional. Hoarding too many things may lead to health risks or even fire hazards. It takes a long time to accumulate things so it must also be hard to stop hoarding. One can learn how to stop hoarding by trying to identify and overcoming fears, creating a plan to slowly clear out unnecessary items, and getting help from trained professionals who can give suggestions on how to clear out a home to make it functional again.

Identifying and overcoming personal fears are steps that should be taken to understand why there is a need to stop hoarding. Hoarders usually hold on to things based on sentimental, instrumental, and intrinsic beliefs. One should also determine how to clear out things, from the easiest to the most difficult to part with. Getting rid of surplus bathroom products, for example, is easier to do than parting with sentimental items. When things get overwhelming and so much stuff has piled up in a home that one does not know what to do anymore, a company offering hoarder cleanup services could be telephoned. ServiceMaster of the Upstate is the perfect choice to call when one is ready to clean up a home but find the volume of accumulated stuff to be overwhelming.

ServiceMaster of the Upstate is an established hoarder cleanup company in South Carolina. Clients can get their complete and comprehensive house clean-up with expert cleaners who can understand different situations as it can be so hard to part with the load of things a hoarder possesses. ServiceMaster of the Upstate is also known to be an understanding hoarder cleanup service provider because of its sensitive and compassionate cleaning professionals who know how challenging it is for hoarders to part with their things. 

Without meaning to, sometimes hoarders cannot distinguish trash from the accumulated stuff, leading to rodent infestation. Hoarder cleanup services include rodent eradication, decontamination of the area, and removal of the junk. One can be sure that the trained staff will segregate valuables from those that need to be thrown away. The team of cleaning specialists is trained to be sensitive to the difficulties that a hoarder may be facing during the cleaning and clearing process. ServiceMaster of the Upstate can bring back
a stuffed room to its original state⁠—clean, sanitized, and waste-free. 

In need of emergency hoarder cleanup services? ServiceMaster of the Upstate has 24/7 emergency services. Customers may call the emergency line at (864) 310-7891. ServiceMaster of the Upstate is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information on the specific services offered, please access the website at

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