Treating Your Adult Acne

Treating Your Adult Acne

Even in this modern day and age, many people think that pimples belong to the young and that acne is something that you just grow out of.  The millions afflicted with constant and chronic adult acne would of course disagree with that, knowing firsthand that hitting a particular age doesn’t guarantee that pimples will go away or that one will never again face (no pun intended) this condition.  If you’re someone that is plagued with adult acne to any severity, what can you do?  Does having acne into your adulthood mean that you’re just cursed with it forever?

It’s true that one’s hormones and other adjustments that the body makes during the teenaged years can contribute to acne breakouts, but the problems that cause breakouts can happen to anyone regardless of age.  Adult acne is actually much more common than people think, because of the root cause of acne itself.

Dirt, oil and bacteria collect on everyone’s face regardless of who you are and where you live, and of your facial cleansing habits.  For most, these elements get washed away in the shower, even if you don’t use cleansers.  But for those with adult acne, these elements get caught or trapped in hair follicles and pores and there is a covering of skin that forms over it so that this collection of “gunk” builds up into what we call a pimple.  This is very important for anyone with pimples, whether during their teen years or whether it’s adult acne, to understand.  It’s not the dirt and oil itself that’s a problem, but rather it’s that defect of the skin that forms over it that actually causes a pimple.  If you think about it, anyone can have that type of skin condition that leads to acne; this is not something that is directly connected to the changes a body goes through during puberty or teen years.

It is true that there are probably more cases of teen acne than there are cases of adult acne, no doubt due in part to the fact that a teenager’s body is going through bursts of hormones and the oil glands, along with every other part of the body, aren’t always functioning properly as the child grows into adulthood.  They may have a lot more oil on their face than grownups do, but this doesn’t mean that teen acne is really any different in cause than adult acne.  As a matter of fact, those who eat a lot of fried and greasy foods are sometimes more prone to adult acne, and some have found that things that regulate their hormones, such as birth control pills, actually clear up their skin as well.

Rather than just accept your adult acne as part of your overall look and think that you’re somehow cursed, visit your dermatologist.  He or she probably has quite a few options for you that can treat your acne regardless of how long you’ve had it or how severe it is.


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