Types of Carpet and their Effect on Cleaning

Types of Carpet and their Effect on Cleaning

As a homeowner, did you ever wonder that a carpet has a hundred attribute variations? Here are some important differences that must be accounted for about a carpet: Is your carpet cut pile or loop pile? What is its weight? What is its fabric type?

Once these differences have been considered, you will have a better knowledge of how to take care of and free your carpet from dirt. It is necessary to know this information before cleaning the carpet so you can be aware of the unique treatment a particular carpet needs.

Habitual carpet cleaning is as important as home cleaning. Rather than cleaning carpets yourself, ServiceMaster by Wright, which offers carpet cleaning in Sarasota Florida, is your best option to stop discoloration and premature wear that causes damage to your carpet.

Selecting the proper carpeting is a necessary choice for your home or business. Many features determine how a carpet will clean up, such as the kind of fiber it is made, the age of the carpet, cleaning gaps, what type of soil is found in the carpet, and what procedure of professional cleaning was made in the bygone.

Below are some carpet types and their different clean-up procedures.

Fiber Materials.

Most carpeting available is made using nylon, wool, and polyester. Nylon fibers don’t require specific cleaning as they resist well to spills, grit, and mildew. However, low-quality nylon carpets can be exposed to wear and may require deep-cleaning oftentimes. Wool is the most delicate material for spills, stains, and wear, so it must be vacuumed and deep-cleaned regularly. Polyester accumulates stains easily and wears down readily than nylon or wool. Polyester carpet is strong due to its synthetic class.

Pile Types.

There are two types of carpet piles: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile implies that the carpet fibers are free at the ends. It gives the carpet a long and tangled look and makes the carpeting softer. Loop pile means the fibers are twisted, looped, and sewn into the carpet base, making it durable but not giving a comfortable feeling. Some pile types require special care when drying or cleaning, which means you need professional carpet cleaning services like what ServiceMaster by Wright offers, your carpet cleaning company in Sarasota Florida.

Cut pile carpeting is found in residential houses. The fuzzy layer of the cut pile gives a soft layer of cushion that is tough and hard to beat. One of its downsides is that it is difficult to clean. Depending on the amount of shag your carpet has, it can make vacuuming too difficult.

The loop pile is much more durable and stays longer than a cut pile. Therefore, you will see a loop pile in businesses or hotels. The loop pile type can also be difficult to clean depending on how tight the loops are spaced. It is essential to remember this so you can care for the loop pile correctly. The tighter the loops, the more often they should be vacuumed and cleaned.

Are you in doubt which carpet cleaning method is best for your carpets? Feel free to call ServiceMaster by Wright, your carpet cleaning technicians in Sarasota Florida,  for wet carpet drying and cleaning services. Contact us at (866) 676-7761 or visit us at https://www.servicemasterrestorations.com/ for more details. We are serving businesses and homeowners throughout Sarasota, Florida, and its surrounding areas and counties.

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