Types of Screen Enclosures for your Swimming Pool in Fort Myers, FL

Types of Screen Enclosures for your Swimming Pool in Fort Myers, FL

Nowadays, choosing the best type of screen enclosure for our homes has become a vague undertaking. Some of you may end up in confusion while visualizing this in many ways. However, Aluminum Master LLC is now making it a lot easier for every homeowner to decide on which screen enclosure fits their swimming pool. To give you an idea, Aluminum Master LLC will discuss below the types and descriptions of pool enclosures.

Read on to know more about Aluminum Master LLC pool screen types for your home’s grand makeover:

Under-truss Screen Enclosure

Also known as the screened-in lanai, this pool cage screen is built under an already existing truss roof. Difficulties may be encountered with the present structure, but Aluminum Master LLC can handle this smoothly as an experienced screen enclosure company.

Screen Enclosure With Screen Roof

This type of screen enclosure has a structural aluminum roof topped with a screen mesh. It keeps bugs away, leaves out of the pool drain, and still will let you enjoy the sunbathing. A Screen Enclosure with Screen Roof is always required to secure a permit. For a project like this at home, make sure that your home screen enclosure has a high-quality screen with a warranty.

Screen Enclosure With a Solid Roof

A screening enclosure with a solid roof is also called the screen room. It is usually built in a patio with limited space. But, don’t worry because it would still look great with Aluminum Master LLC although there is an issue with space. This is just perfect for the minimalists who would love a little addition of beauty in their homes.

Now, you already have an idea about the Screen Enclosures and how Aluminum Master LLC works for you. If you are worried about the cost of building a screen enclosure in your pool area, we will make sure to give you a variety of options and considerations along the way as we also want to consider your budget. We offer a free estimate for a screen enclosure like these. At Aluminum Master LLC, our mission is to provide quality service at an affordable price. The company’s success is due to the dedication we provide to our customers, all the time.

Customer satisfaction always comes first in our service. Our reputable, experienced, and professional contractors in your area are always willing to provide quotes for your upcoming project!

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