Water Damaged Ceiling: Should I do DIY or Call Professional Water Damage Company

Water Damaged Ceiling: Should I do DIY or Call Professional Water Damage Company

Summer/fall in Florida is characterized by frequent rain and some occasional tropical storms towards the second half. It starts in May and usually ends in October, and is the most extended season in Florida. A water damage ceiling Naples FL area is common, and if you live here, chances are you have experienced water seeping to your ceiling. You see it as bulging, flaking, stains, or discoloration, whether it is on drywall, plaster, or some other material. It is not good to look at and, if not fixed, leads to molds and significant structural damage to your home. It is essential to have some level of DIY skills to have a quick fix always at the ready when needed to prevent more significant problems.

If you are on the fence whether to take on a DIY ceiling repair or not, there are a few factors to help you decide for it or to call a water damaged ceiling restoration company Naples FL area.

1.    Is your budget limited?

If you do not have the money for a professional repair, then the decision is made for you, not the other way around. You could make a few temporary fixes to mitigate the damage until you have saved enough for an experienced contractor to do the job for you.

2.    Are you confident enough with your skills? Can you make it worse?

It is crucial that you have some experience in ceiling damage repair. Otherwise, you would only be putting your house and yourself at risk. Water flows downward, and what you see on your ceiling may actually be a sign of a more complex problem somewhere upstream, which you could only end up covering. This is where molds start to grow, the last thing you would want inside your house.

3.    Is the damage small enough to take on?

Try to find the source of the leak as much as possible to give you an idea of the extent of the damage. It is easier if you have access to an attic above the leak. Also, see if you need to replace a few shingles on the roof. Otherwise, water will seep in again if it rains.

4.    Do you have the tools and materials needed?

The most common tools used in patching drywall or plaster are hawks and mud pans, putty knives, sandpaper and sanding sponge, corner tool, and tape or self-adhesive mesh. You may also need a trowel, snip, plastering brush, and spatula.

5.    Do you have the time to do it?

Compared to a professional, a DIY damaged ceiling repair may take longer. If your budget is constrained, then time is a necessary tradeoff.

Absent all these, you may want to call in the pros. It is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way that you can deal with a damaged ceiling. You have only one decision to make: which restoration company Naples FL homeowners should trust the most?

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