What To Do If You Find A Leak In Your Commercial Building in Greenville, SC

What To Do If You Find A Leak In Your Commercial Building in Greenville, SC

Water damage is not only a residential concern. In the commercial setting, leaks can cause drastic problems for a business owner. Not only can they cause costly damage and repairs, they can also halt operations, damage the building’s interior, and cause accidents. In severe cases, the company even may have to be shut down to fix the damage.

A large-scale water damage problem in a business facility can stem from a water leak. If neglected, it may require professional water damage restoration services like those offered by ServiceMaster of the Upstate. Find out what you can do if you find a leak in your commercial building with help from the experts at ServiceMaster of the Upstate in this article.


Commercial building leaks come from different sources, such as a heavy usage of bathrooms, kitchens, or other water-intensive processes. Here are the most common types of leaks found in commercial buildings and how to prevent them.


water damage

Roof leaks are commonly caused by a nonfunctional or poor drainage system, roof penetrations by HVAC, vents, pipes, gas lines (common in flat roofing), or a damage membrane or flashing.

Clogged drainage systems can be fatal in case of water ponding, and there is a need to reroute the standing water in order to prevent seepage. Roofs undergo wear and tear as they age, and regular roof inspections are important to detect punctured membranes, cracked flashing, and other issues.



Like other frequently used fixtures, faucets can wear out over time. Water loss can result from leaking seals or faucet components. An increased water bill and faucet drips becoming trickles are also signs of water escaping down the line.



Water can leak from the toilet tank drain due to flapper failure, among others. Repairing these leaks must be immediate as they may cause additional damages to other components of the toilet, increase the water bill, or even cause the replacement of the entire toilet system.


A complex network of pipes can be located under floors or over ceilings in commercial buildings, so in order to keep record of any possible leaks in the system, a leak detection system may be employed. These come in different forms, and some types may even have automated sensors that can shut off water flow. Consult a contractor for advice regarding the best water leak detection equipment suited for a building before installation.

In case of a plumbing leak, turn water off at the main shutoff valve or at the area affected, block entry to the area, and call a licensed plumber.

To prevent plumbing leaks, routine inspection of pipes must be performed. Choosing to upgrade pipes, faucets, and fittings is also recommended, especially if the plumbing system has aged.


Basement Water


Hidden leaks may be lurking in wet or damp areas on floors, ceilings, and walls. As with other types of leaks, they may also cause an unexpected increase in water bills. Other signs of hidden leaks include cracks and discolorations on walls, ceilings, and flooring; a musty odor or visible mold growth; and the sound of running water when the water is turned off.

After identifying a leak, the restoration, repair, and reconstruction process may need to be carried out but a professional water damage restoration technician.

Get Professional Services from a Trusted Greenville Commercial Water Damage Restoration Company

water damageRegular maintenance pays off in the long run, and will prevent incurring costly repairs, loss of revenue, and temporary or permanent stoppage of operations. A company is less likely to experience water damage from leaks if problems are solved as soon as they are detected.

Water damage is a time-sensitive process that needs proper skill and equipment. If you suspect a leak in your business in GreenvilleSouth Carolina, contact ServiceMaster of the Upstate. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to guide you from crisis to resolution. Our commercial water damage restoration services include taking quick action to get a business back to normal fast.

We are an insurance-preferred company and can guide you when filing for insurance claims. Call ServiceMaster of the Upstate today at (864) 310-7891 or message us at https://www.servicemasterupstate.com/contact/ for water leak damage repair and restoration services in your commercial property. We service GreenvilleSpartanburgLaurensNewberry, and SaludaSouth Carolina and surrounding areas.

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