What Are the Symptoms of Long-Term Mold Exposure?

What Are the Symptoms of Long-Term Mold Exposure?

Mold spores can be everywhere and are a natural part of the environment. Mold is beneficial in the decomposition of organic matter, helping maintain the balance of ecosystems by making nutrients available again for plants to absorb.

However, its beneficial effects do not extend to humans. Exposure to mold spores can be inconvenient, even harmful to you. That is why you need to find the best mold remediation company in Macon GA once you see mold growth inside your home.

What are the health risks of exposure to mold spores and the illnesses that they cause? Read on to find out.

  • For those who do not have a respiratory condition, the most common symptoms are a stuffy nose, wheezing, and red, itchy eyes or skin.
  • People with allergies are more susceptible to mold and may experience more severe symptoms than those indicated above. Persons allergic to mold may have frequent coughing at night, frequent headaches, and may feel exhausted.
  • Exposure to large doses of mold can cause fever and shortness of breath.
  • Healthy people may experience upper respiratory tract infections and coughing.
  • Exposure to mold may also trigger asthma.
  • People with compromised immune systems may develop hypersensitivity pneumonitis and opportunistic infections.
  • Infants and young children are susceptible to develop asthma from long-term mold exposure.
  • People with chronic respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder and asthma, may experience difficulty in breathing.


It is not difficult to prevent mold from ruining your home and your health. You must keep the humidity low indoors (30-50%) by using a dehumidifier or air conditioner. It would be a great help to clean and vacuum your home regularly. When your home has been through a flood, thorough cleaning and drying are a must. Carpets should always be clean and must be placed only in dry spaces. Ensure proper ventilation for your shower, laundry, and kitchen areas. Check on your rain gutters to know if they are clean and that water drainages are not blocked. Fix water leaks as soon as possible. Old newspapers, old books, and wood must not be left sitting unused for a very long time.

Exposure to mold is not fatal, but it is far from harmless. It has enough adverse effects to interfere with daily activities and compromise the integrity of your house. Do not wait for the problem to get worse before taking action. Stop mold growth in its tracks by eliminating moisture.

Do regular inspections in your house to detect early signs of mold growth, and once you see it, call ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia, experts in mold removal Macon GA homeowners like you can trust. Once the mold is detected, their primary objectives will be to remove the mold and remediate the surrounding areas as soon as possible.

ServiceMaster of Middle Georgia provides professional mold remediation in Macon GA and other areas in Middle Georgia 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them at 478-313-4353 or visit their website at www.servicemastermiddlegeorgia.com for more details.

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