What are the Tips for keeping a Pool Spa Clean in Cape Coral FL?

What are the Tips for keeping a Pool Spa Clean in Cape Coral FL?

Today there are raised spa in Cape Coral available depending on what you’re after: exercise, entertaining, rehabilitation, or just to relax and ease your mind and body. Regardless of why you own a spa, with regular raised spa maintenance in Cape Coral by Contemporary Pools,  you will ensure it operates efficiently and effectively and the water remains clean and healthy. From raised spa installation Cape Coral to maintenance, we can do it all.

So here are some tips on how to keep your pool spa clean in Cape Coral, FL.

Due to the smaller body of water and less splash out compared to a pool, spas are more likely to have an increased dissolved solid present.  It’s therefore recommended to change spa water every three to four months, or replace about one-third of the volume every three to four weeks. As the water is generally warm, the treatment guidelines for spa pool water in comparison to a pool are different. However, properly applied, chemicals will keep your spa clean and healthy, eradicating all viruses, bacteria, and algae.

Test the water before each use, or weekly when you’re not using the spa, and always wait one hour before using the spa after adding chemicals to the water.

To ensure safe, healthy water that is free of harmful micro-organisms, sanitizing your spa is essential.  The amount of sanitizer required depends on water temperature, how many people use the spa and how often.   In very hot water, the sanitizer can be used up very quickly and should be checked regularly while the spa is being used.

If you are using a saltwater chlorinator, ensure it is designed and sized to produce the correct level of chlorine required to sanitize a spa.

Important tips.

  • It’s important to keep the filter clean – clean the filter regularly and at least quarterly. If your spa pump has a pump basket empty hair and lint as often as  required
  • If your spa comes with a safety cover, ensure this is closed and locked when the spa is not in use
  • Do not put your head underwater in a spa. Spa suctions are the main cause of entrapment risk for hair  and limbs
  • Do not allow children in a spa without constant adult supervision
  • Regularly check all suctions outlets are operating and suction covers are intact

If in doubt with regards to anything listed above, please call Contemporary Pools, with services areas in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral and Fort Myers, FL. It’s not just about getting the job done, it’s about how the job gets done. Workmanship, communication, coordination, construction, and schedules are our main concerns. Contact us today with any questions you may have, we look forward to your call. Call 239-237-3338.

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