What is the Difference Between Content Writing and Creative Writing

What is the Difference Between Content Writing and Creative Writing

The vast majority of us apprehend that communication skills have four basic keys – listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. These four keys improve the quality of communication as it transmit the information effectively. However, among these four skills, writing skill is one of the most lost variables of communication at present. 


When we speak about writing,  people comprehend an unlikeness between creative writing and content writing. Now, let’s take a deeper glance into the field of creative writing and content writing and distinguish how they differ from each other.  


Creative Writing

It is known as the writing process that belongs at the outer part of the spectrum of business, professional, technical, and academic writing. For better understanding, take a closer look at the some few points: 


  1. It is an informative, entertaining but imaginative way of writing and highlights more on the use of literal and figurative language, the facets of character development, and other narrative arts.  
  2. It utilizes metaphorical literary dialects, words, phrases and among others. 
  3. It is not just about enjoying but it is original too.
  4. Creative writing Genres like fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction categorizes under the umbrella of creative writing. 

5.It supersedes narrative writing style – narrates a story to the avid readers. 

  1. Popularly known as exceptionally self-expressive in light of the fact that, this writing expresses the author’s emotions, feeling, the point of views and much more. 
  2. It presents facts, where it also encloses with the commercial purpose and it is loved by the audience. 
  3. It is considered as the form of art and literature.


On the other hand, content writing is often intertwined with creative writing; these two terms are used interchangeably. 


Content writing 

It is the series of steps of making content primarily for online consumption. It is created for a specific purpose such as marketing, branding, and a lot more to mention. Below are some  salient points to clarify more what a content writing is:


  1. It is more likely of an educational or informative style of writing which is generally based on facts and figures, information and among others. 
  2. It is used on the web, and it’s a proper way of promoting marketing. Hence, it is used to attract potential and reliable clients and educate them about the products and services offered by a certain brand.

3.Content writing cannot be about the well-formed style of writing at all times. 

  1. Content writing focuses with the relevant benefits, pros, cons and so on concerning the topic or a subject it undergoes.
  2. Newspapers, magazines, websites are the common forms of content writing. 

6.The content writing is direct to the point and it is more likely to be a convincing style of writing – incorporates clarification, explanation, perspective etc. 

  1. It prohibits the use of artistic or literature languages.


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