What NOT To Do When You’re Having Problems with Your Sewer and Drains

What NOT To Do When You’re Having Problems with Your Sewer and Drains
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One of the situations in life that you would rather not be caught in is having problems with sewers and drains. When this happens, you become at a loss with what to do and whom to call. You get uneasy because, with septic problems, you don’t usually know the root cause. Below is a list of what NOT to do when you’re having problems with your sewer and drains.  


  1. Do not panic when septic problems set in your home. 

Panic will only result in more problems. Call your trusted Sewer and Drain Cleaning company and let them assess and solve your septic problems. Septic and drain problem experts can provide solutions to your plumbing problems or clogged drainage. If you’re in the West Michigan area, contact West Michigan Septic Sewer and Drain Service for sewer and drain problem services in the West Michigan vicinity.


  1. Do not use liquid drain cleaners without the advice of professional plumbers.

These may contain harsh chemicals that can damage the pipes and create more significant problems in your sewer system. If one of your sinks drains clog repeatedly or drains very slowly, this can be a sign of a blocked pipe in your sewer system. If using a sewer snake to take the clog out yields no success, maybe it is time to hire a sewer and drain cleaning services.


  1. Do not pour water or vinegar down the drain if your drain is clogged.

Even though this was observed to solve the clogging, this quick-fix will eventually cause your pipes to rust and need repair. Some major sewage and drain problems may come off as simple household problems such as a clogged sink that you think you can fix by yourself. Repetitive clogs and specific warnings show a big problem is brewing. Take your advice from the experts.


  1. Do not wait for molds to grow on your walls before getting plumbing experts’ advice.

Mold growth inside your home is also an indication of a damaged sewer line. Even the smell of mold inside your house can be a warning of a damaged pipe. Trace the sewer or pipeline problem to avoid further damage to your home.


  1. Do not wait for the problem to get worse

Using do-it-yourself remedies can only put your health at risk. Smelling foul sewage odor is a sign of sewer problem. Septic tanks are built airtight to keep harmful smells inside. Smelling sewage odors means your septic tank has cracks or holes where the smell can escape. Let the experts in sewer repair take charge.


A simple problem like a clogged toilet can be easily solved by using a plunger. But frequent clogging may indicate a severe problem with your sewer pipeline. Do not delay in asking for help from sewer and plumbing experts because this may cause more significant issues to your sewerage system, thus costing you more for repairs. 


For your sewer and drain problems, do not hesitate to call these numbers: Muskegon: 231-739-7423, Grand Haven: 616-847-1072, Whitehall: 231-893-4252, Holland:616-392-8988, Coopersville: 616-837-1800, Allendale: 616-895-9080 and Twin Lake: 231-828-5595 or email at http://bit.ly/WMSSDContactUs.

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